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Odd Sock Mountain: The Apocalypse.

  This was originally posted on my fiction blog here.  I'm putting it here because no one knows the other exists and I'm completely useless about updating it... my bad. This was written straight into Facebook messenger to my best friend. Never let it be said that I am a super serious author who’s too uptight.… Continue reading Odd Sock Mountain: The Apocalypse.

Thoughts & Passions

From one sexual abuse survivor to another.

February 15th 2018 will be the 13 year anniversary of the date I escaped the intensely abusive relationship that broke me. The asshole was verbally, emotionally, and sexually abusive. He took my virginity my force, and due to outside circumstances and a history of abuse prior to him, I stayed with him for a year.… Continue reading From one sexual abuse survivor to another.

book recommendations

Book Recommendation! Ghost Electricity.

  This came recommended to me by Always Another Great Read the Facebook page which shares awesome SFF (Sci-fi and fantasy) books in Kindle Unlimited. Guys!!!! This book! 😍 This book is glorious. It weaves together a number of different small plots into one large plot, and it's beautifully executed! I admit that it took me… Continue reading Book Recommendation! Ghost Electricity.