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Book Recommendation – Finn by Liz Meldon.

  This one comes with a bit of a caveat - I don't normally read romance of any stripe. I made an exception for K.J. Charles after someone raved about her books, and was pleased I did. My reasons for not reading romance are very personal and not at all a reflection of my thoughts… Continue reading Book Recommendation – Finn by Liz Meldon.

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Is Playster Rejecting LGBT+ Books?

As a member of the LGBT+ community and someone who writes LGBT+ fiction, I feel like this is something people should be made aware of and should look into.

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PlaysterValuesLike many indie authors, I distribute my books to some retail platforms through Draft2Digital, a company I’ve always found to be competent, responsive, and trustworthy. At some point in the fairly recent past, D2D added Playster to its roster of retail platforms. Playster is a digital entertainment subscription service that includes ebooks, similar to Scribd, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program, and the now-defunct Oyster: for $9.95 a month, you can access what Playster advertises as a library of more than 250,000 “premium titles” — “the world’s only truly unlimited ebook service” (source).

Playster’s site is full of the rhetoric of freedom and limitlessness — attempts, I assume, to play off the name of Amazon’s program while distinguishing itself from Scribd, which restricts borrowing within certain genres. Just a sampling: “Entertainment Unlimited is about freedom of choice, and that’s what we’re giving you with Playster” (source); “The best…

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