Thoughts & Passions


Passion for love, life, and writng

Passion and being passionate is considered to be one of my defining traits (by those who know me). Therefore it’s hardly surprising to find that I consider passion to be very important in life. What good is this existence, if we’re not living it to it’s fullest? We need passion to fuel us, to forge those incredible memories, and engage with those amazing experiences. Passion takes us from mediocre plodding, to thrilling races from one moment to the next.

When we think passion, it’s quite often in the carnal sense. It’s passion for another person, for that experience and the intensity that comes with it. There are so many other forms of passion and opportunities though! I’m passionate about writing, horses, dogs, food, whisky, the list goes on and on. Those things bring a grin to my face, I engage with those topics absolutely, and I throw myself into the experiences of them. They make me happy. They make my heart soar. They make my life that little bit better.

I’m of the firm belief that it’s important to follow our passions. No, that isn’t always easy, but it’s rare to find something that’s both easy and satisfying. Surely sinking your teeth into something that makes you feel alive, taking that risk, and grasping onto the potential for that happiness and thrill, is worth it? Why meander through a grey-scale world when you can hunt down your passions and experience things in their full technicolour glory?

What are you passionate about? 


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