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A Bit Of Fluff

So… I needed to cleanse my brain. Things got a bit stressful with the serious writing, I decided to write something random and fun. This is the result. It probably has horrible grammar, and typos, but that doesn’t matter. 😀

Bit Of Fluff

She pressed him against the wall, her lithe body tight against his while her lips trailed down his throat. His breath caught on his lips when her hands traveled lower. A gentle squeeze was all the distraction he needed when she slipped the wallet from his pocket. In barely the blink of an eye, she was gone. The young man was left leaning against the wall in something of a daze while she made her way through the dark, crowded bar out into the street.
“Nicely done.”
A deep voice with a gravelly edge congratulated her from the shadows. A smile flickered across her red lips as her hands released her daggers from their sheathes and prepared to sink them into the stranger. The owner of the gravelly voice appeared in front of her, almost causing her to jump. She caught herself before such weakness could be shown, instead she fluttered her eyelashes and shifted her weight away from him. The darkness hid his features, but not the sheer bulk of him as he towered over her. “Do you make a habit of groping innocent young men and stealing from them?”
She went to slip around him, all too aware of the threat posed. “I don’t always grope them, but it seemed polite in this instance.”
He shifted his weight and blocked her escape. “I suppose you’re some bored noblewoman who slips out during the night to amuse herself with thievery.” He said with a smirk.
Once more she tried to step around him, “And I suppose that would make you the dashing rogue who saves me from my awful life of tedium?”
“Something like that.” He growled stepping forward to close the small gap between them.
She stood firm looking for a weakness in his stance or movement, a flutter of fear unfurled when she didn’t spot one.

It happened too quickly. He had her pinned against the wall, her hands above her head, before she could catch her breath. No one had caught her off guard before. “What’s it like being on the other side of things, Katarin?” He whispered in her ear.
Her eyes went wide, she hadn’t use that name in a long time. His teeth grazed her earlobe, “Now, are you going to behave?”
She pursed her lips and head-butted him. “No. No I am not.”
She followed it up with a knee to the groin and a right-hook to the cheekbone. He stepped back clutching himself. Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t quite that easy to get rid of. He flung her over his shoulder and marched down the street with her thrashing and kicking him, not that he really noticed. The smile sat on his lips the entire walk back, no one gave him a second glance. It was that kind of city.

The man behind the desk practically rolled his eyes when he saw the large brawny man with the flailing pissed-off woman over his shoulder walk in, he muttered something like ‘best get my ear-plugs’ but Katarin couldn’t be too sure. She started screaming, for good measure. Her captor just laughed, a deep, rumbling, genuine laugh that she found startlingly pleasant. Enough so that she stopped screaming.

The flailing had been a failure, so she propped herself up with her elbows on his back as her captor ascended the stairs. The building was nicer than hers’ with pristine white walls and expensive looking artwork. She wondered how much the art would sell for, she’d been hoping to expand her horizons. The man dropped her unceremoniously on the floor just inside the door, which he locked, and hid the key for. “I’ve heard lots of things about you Katarin.” He said with an odd purr.
She stood and brushed herself off looking for a quick and easy exit. “That must be nice for you.” She sniffed.
There were no windows in the large room, with more white and a splash of blue, there were however doors. She made a run for the furthest door, hoping that it would lead to the outer wall of the building and thus, a window. Once again she found herself pinned to a wall, with her arms above her head. She sighed. “Do you at least have a name?”
He grinned. “I do.”
“Are you going to share it?”
She rolled her eyes and went to knee him in the groin again, he dodged. He was prepared for her headbutt too. She settled for glaring at him and hoping he caught fire.

He did not catch fire. Instead his grin widened, his rich brown eyes danced with amusement while she huffed and waited. “Katarin Zuren, I am hiring you to help me take back something that is, by all rights, mine.”
“You can afford me.” She said with disdain.
His thumb caressed the inside of her wrist drawing her eye down to his lips while she restrained herself from wriggling. “Oh I disagree.”
She pouted. “And what is it I’m supposed to be getting?”
His grin faltered for a second. “You don’t need to know yet.”
She brushed her foot up along the inside of his leg and gave him her most seductive smile. “I suppose I could be convinced…”
He spun her around so she faced the wall, his breath hot against her neck. “I know all of your tricks Katarin. Now, behave and you’ll be richly rewarded.”
She wiggled her hips against him. “I really not sure that know how to be a good girl… I’m sure you’d enjoy me being bad, so much more.”
“Does that really work?” He said with a laugh.
Her shoulders slumped. She accepted defeat.


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