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Thoughts – Why I Haven’t Been Writing.

I haven’t written much the past few days, I stressed myself out. I’ve been giving some thought to the entire thing, and I’ve spotted where it all focuses.

February 15th next year marks the 10 year anniversary of the day I came to my senses and found the strength to end the sexually abusive relationship that broke me.

Something of that has trickled into my writing, as much as I fought to keep myself out, I can’t help but tackle some issues. I am but human after all. Lysander, the hellhound in my Infernal Hunt series, was a slave. His master was a demon, and demons aren’t very nice creatures. That means that he was abused, mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. That will be handled throughout the books, his dealing with it, his new role in life.

That’s hard. That’s not the light, action-heavy story I figured I was getting into here. Now that journey is not the focus, the action and good bits are the focus, but it’s still there. So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how far I’ve come, how far I have left to go, and the writing of Lysander’s progress.

I think I’m ready to carry on now. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thoughts – Why I Haven’t Been Writing.

  1. I’m sorry about what you’ve been through, but I know you can give this story the personal touch it needs to resonate with others without having to give away any intimate part of yourself. Don’t feel guilty about not having the desire to tackle a certain topic. Work your away up to it, test the waters, and you’ll know when it’s time to take the plunge. 🙂

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