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Rambling Update

It’s 5.50am, I’m sitting in candelight with coffee brewing, the weather report says we should hopefully get snow tomorrow and I’m really excited at that prospect. So, while my coffee brews, I’m writing a bit of an update. Because I can. 😉

Tomorrow is my 18 month wedding anniversary. 18 months ago tomorrow, I wore my beautiful white dress, and walked down the aisle here in Prague, and married the man of my dreams. I knew the moment we met that he was something special. I knew when we had our first date wandering around second-hand bookshops that he was the one. We just fit. We laughed, smiled, and everything was it was supposed to be.

We live together, and as we’re both freelancers, we work together. We spend pretty much every waking hour within 6 feet of each other. When we tell people they give us a confused look and go, “don’t you argue?” to which we look at each other, with equal confusion and go, “no…”

My first 20-something years were unpleasant. Pretty much every man I ever allowed close, including my dear father, was an abusive asshole. That’s all changed now, and I sit here looking around my wonderful, happy life and look forward to many more years. It isn’t perfect, we’ve had rough times, but we always pulled together and got through, together.

Outside of the soppy marriage stuff… lol

I’m hoping to be able to commission the first two covers for my Infernal Hunt series at the end of this month! I’m so excited. I feel as though this weekend is do or die with Witch Infernal this NaNoWriMo has been hard. There was just so much pressure around this series, but it’s ok, I’m really happy with the story and the writing. Once December rolls around I’ll do my edit on Infernal Bonds, then finish up Infernal Ties, then do my edit on Witch Infernal. They’ll all be professionally edited and polished, and I’ll scream and happy dance, probably in equal parts!

On one hand I adore the editing process because it’s progress and it makes the books tighter. On the other hand Argh oh-my-gods what possessed me to write such drivel!? Why do I have to bloody aphasia and such awful damn grammar? In fairness, my books rarely have much developmental done on them, it’s mostly copy-editing. And more copy-editing. Then proofreading.

Much to my chagrin I’ve been thinking about Christmas, because it’ll be the second Christmas away from Mum. So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about presents. I feel so bad sending stuff in the mail, but, I do my best to make it special. The Christmas fairs are already up in the squares!! The lights are up in the mall, the grocery store has been selling advent calendars and things for weeks now. Hmph!

Thanksgiving is on Thursday though, we do celebrate it, in our own little way. We talk, and eat desserts, and watch movies. This year I’m thankful for my husband, the progress I’ve made as a writer, and the progress we’ve made in our overall life and stability. (Freelancing is very unstable). I’m thankful for finding my inner peace and seeing progress within myself with my issues and mental scars and things. It’s good. I’m happy. Genuinely, really, happy. If you’d have told me I’d say that three years ago I’d have laughed at you.

In summary, it’s all good here in the Evans household. 🙂


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