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Eternal Bloodlines.

I’ve officially written 50% of Witch Infernal yes I wanted to be here two weeks ago, but I’ve done it, and I love it 😀

Once I’ve wrapped up Witch Infernal I’m planning on tackling a fun little project. Something to purge my brain. No worrying about publishing plans, market expectations, none of that. Just writing for fun. It’ll likely never be properly edited, and that’s fine.

The fun project has a name, and I mocked up a cover for it! I’m thinking I may throw it up on here, maybe Wattpad. It’d be nice to put it somewhere. So anyway. The cover!

EternalBloodlines Paint


So what is it about?

The myths say that long ago the gods roamed the Earth among the people. The gods chose people who were most like themselves, who carried the attributes they held in highest regard, and together they produced offspring. So the witches were born. Each bloodline carrying different skills and potency.

Things must balance. One bloodline was born with the gift to break magic. They became witch-hunters. Their mission to rid the world of the abominations. To restore the Earth to its natural state, free of the gods’ influence.

Iona is born of Hekate, the goddess of witches, the strongest bloodline of all. They are born with the ability to purify the bloodline of other witches, to bring about the full potential. Her ancestors were hunted by her fellow witches and the hunters, they feared and envied their gifts, and their higher connection to the gods.

Iona has buried her secret deep, always moving, never forming true connections. It’s a lonely life.  Unfortunately, secrets have a way of escaping.


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