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This is a fun little meme that I’ve seen floating around for a while.

Post 7 lines, from the 7th paragraph, on the 7th page or chapter of your work in progress.

I managed to fill two vials before the shadow vanished properly, Kadrix would no doubt be over the moon. I put my blade away and tucked the vials safely back onto my belt before I stood and walked around the tower away from the main square. Quin was already with the elf and part of me missed him, it seemed like a good opportunity all around. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face at the contents of my pockets. The smile soon changed to confusion when I saw the indigo-eyed man again. He kept showing up, I was starting to grow suspicious.

He tried to do his usual vanishing act down one of the smaller streets heading towards Charles Bridge. I was prepared for it that time though and I was ready to get some answers.

From Infernal Bonds. Ch. 7

Now to tag 7 people in to do this too! I’ve been so bad about following blogs so if I forgot to tag you please do take part and tell me so I can stop by and read it.




Al Nobody

Combustible Reviews

Happy new year everybody, I look forward to seeing your lines and much more. xx


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