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Snow And Other Good News!

It’s been snowing for 3 days now and I LOVE snow. It makes me so incredibly happy. Today I went for a walk down by the river, it was beautiful and relaxing. These are the photos I took (my battery ran out before I was finished!).

The ducks and swans were following me in hopes of food, I didn’t take any bread with me.

Click on the pictures to see them bigger 😀



In more happy news, I finished the first draft of Witch Infernal last night! It was supposed to be finished in early December, but it’s done now. I was burnt out to be completely honest, writing 3 books, back to back, from the same series wasn’t my best plan. My focus doesn’t work like that, I need to change things and shift focus pretty frequently. The fact that I’m really tempted to dive into updating the outline and maybe writing Infernal Alliances isn’t saying much about my sanity or logic, but hey ho.

This means that I’ll be editing all 3 books now, so yay, progress.

Do you have any happy news to share?


2 thoughts on “Snow And Other Good News!

  1. I LOVE your pictures! I’m so jealous (and I will send you a GIF later to fully express this emotion ;p) All we have the cold weather but at least it’s progress.
    YAY for finishing your draft!!! Super exciting and I’m so happy for you!

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