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Infernal Hunt – Some Details.


I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m doing with this blog, to be entirely honest. I asked a couple of wonderful people on Twitter, both people that I love the blog of, and one thing was sharing some details on my Infernal Hunt series. I haven’t intentionally been hiding anything I just didn’t want to bore people, I worried that my bouncing and gushing would put you off.

The basics:

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Thriller.

Length: There are five books  planned thus far, and plenty more plot to go yet.

Setting: Modern day Prague.

Romance: In the background. If you’re looking for something on the paranormal romance end of things I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.

This is where it might get a bit rambly because I’m going into more details.

It’s told from the first person point of view of Evelyn Hawke, usually called Evie. She’s a human, and a hunter. A hunter in this world being someone who keeps the supernal creatures in line, they protect the innocent and take down the supernals who go against the pact. The pact being that supernals are to remain hidden from the innocent human population, they cannot draw undue attention, and while they can kill a few here and there, those numbers must be carefully controlled and chosen.

Of course the creatures can’t keep to that, so Evie and her twin Quin kill hoards of redcaps, take down rogue lycans, and give arrogant witches a good beating here and there. They make their money from the bits they take from these creatures, a lycan pelt will sell for enough to live nicely for a year. Nymphs vocal cords pay the rent on a two-bedroom flat in the heart of the city for a month. There’s a balance struck there. The hunters don’t go on a rampage to make a fortune, and the supernals try and keep their end of the bargain.

There are three groups of supernals. Fae, lycans, and witches. The fae are comprised of other forms including elves, redcaps, nymphs, and sidhe. The elves are sneaky and demand a sacrifice in return for everything they do. The sidhe are cold businessmen and own all the underground bars. The nymphs live in and around the numerous trees in the city and lure innocent men into the darkness, and the redcaps all answer to red. Oh and they’re blood-thirsty filthy killers.

The witches are an interesting bunch, blood is everything to a witch. Their magic comes down through the bloodlines, so breeding is very important. That being said, male witches are very rare, and also weak. It’s only the women who can truly wield magic. They all bow down to the crone, she’s the goddess of witches. If a witch turns from the crone then they lose nearly all their power. Some witches do turn from her for varying reasons, perhaps they don’t like the way the covens work, perhaps they want more from life. Other witches just aren’t very powerful to begin with, they often become hedgewitches, relying on herbs and such instead of pure magic.

Now you know a little more about the world, there are the characters.

Evie and Quin lost their parents on their eighteenth birthday, they’re all the family they have. They moved to Prague in their early teens, that’s when they met Elise, Evie’s best friend.

Elise is a priestess of the moon goddess, the gods very much exist and do interfere. Elise is wonderful, she’s strong, intelligent, kind, kick-ass, calm, wise. She’s the perfect balance to Evie’s protective, closed-minded, stubborn, self. Where Evie stands on the hill watching over the city, protecting all she can and shutting herself off from affection, Elise sees the bigger picture and tugs on the necessary strings to pull everything together.

Quin is full of life, he usually has a smile on face, is incredibly curious, and very much a ladies man. Where Evie hates everything magical he’s insatiably curious, he sees the potential it holds to help them. He’s friendly, bouncy, protective, loyal, and fun. He’s vibrant life.

He’s good friends with the elf alchemist Kadrix. Kadrix really does make me laugh, where he’s an elf he has a slightly different way of viewing and looking at the world. This means he has some lines that crack me up. He’s a smart-ass, pushy, smart-mouthed, kick-ass, sharp businessman.

Then, there’s Lysander, the hellhound. He’s charming, intelligent, and feels so deeply. He’s damaged but so sweet, kind, caring, and aggressive. He is a predator after all.

I’m currently editing Infernal Bonds and these are some lines that made me smile:

(Evie and Lysander):

I restrained the urge to punch him in the mouth. “You’re coming with me. Hound.”
He pursed his lips and said mockingly. “Is that all I am to you?”
I smiled sweetly and said “If you’re a very good boy, you’ll be a nice pair of shoes and a pile of cash.”

As to the plot, well, lol.

Infernal Ties sees Quin vanish, well, kidnapped to be exact. Evie turns the city upside down to get him back, that means she has to fulfil some jobs for supernals and causes some trouble for herself. She doesn’t play well with others.

Infernal Bonds opens with a blood moon an a rare celestial/astronomical alignment that weakens the veils between the planes above, below, and next to our own. That sends redcaps on a murderous rampage, lycans don’t fare much better, oh and infernal creatures slip through. That includes a group of shades, and two hellhounds. One just wants his freedom, the other wants to open a hellmouth and allow the infernal realm to take over the city.

From there, all I can say is the series plot is pretty big so I don’t know how many books will be involved. There are gods, a fae realm, a celestial realm, and the infernal realm. So there’s lots of room to play with, many more creatures to appear and fuck things up. Poor Evie just wanted a nice easy life, she’d have settled for corralling a few redcaps and battering the odd nymph here and there. Instead she got landed in the middle of well, this.


If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, wants, needs, or desires for content on this blog please do let me know! I’m happy to share more writing craft stuff, bits about my fiction (I have other series in the planning stages), and more personal stuff if you want to know all about me.

4 thoughts on “Infernal Hunt – Some Details.

  1. Holy cow, I’m so excited to read this series! I love reading things that I could never in my wildest dreams come up with. I admire you and your writing abilities so much. And the world you’ve created sounds stunning and absolutely amazing!

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