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Friday Fun: 7 Deadly Sins

It’s Friday, so let’s have a bit of fun shall we? I’m sure you’re all familiar with the 7 deadly sins, we’re going to apply them to the thing that unites us – books! Tag in anyone you think would be interested in participating in this, and don’t forget to let me know so I can read!

Pride. Share a line or small scene that you’re really proud to have written. 

Clouds peeled back from the sky above, leaving all open to the silver gaze of the crescent moon. Old stone buildings stretched upwards, small cracks and years of dirt gave them personalities entirely their own. They were only the backdrop though, this tale is one of an entirely different persona. Silence fell over the city as all paused and waited with baited breath. Whimpers crept out from a hidden corner behind the market. Her pale skin shimmered under the bright moon as she tucked herself up against the wall, quietly praying. Her thoughts raced as the old stories rushed through her mind. She had never been out past dark before but everyone had heard the screams and seen the blood stains in the morning. Tears streamed down her face as the prayers blurred into noise while images of a saviour consumed her mind. It couldn’t end like this, could it?

Her answer came swiftly, silently. There was little pain, she didn’t even have time to comprehend quite what happened. Perhaps the next life would be a little kinder to the gentle soul.

 – From an as yet unnamed dark fantasy project.

Envy. Tell us about the book you wish that’d you written. 

The night circus. That is such a masterpiece, a beautiful, wonderful piece of art.

Wrath. Tell us about a trope or cliche that makes you furious.

The slight little human girl who’s the alpha of the big bad shifter pack. How she controls them and stares them down despite her being 1/3 of their size and strength. It’s absurd and ridiculous, and argh!

Gluttony. Tell us about a trope you just can’t get enough of.

I love hellhounds. Sinfully predatory, wonderfully aggressive, fiery, hellhounds. Whether they’re true hounds, or shifters with a human form, I don’t care. I love that conflict, fire, I’m a big fan of predators in general but I adore hellhounds.

Lust. Tell us about a character you’d do unspeakable things to. 

Logan from the Dragon Born series by Ella Summers. He’s a kick-ass guy who’s charming, intelligent, sensual, just damn.

Sloth. Tell us about your favourite form of procrastination. 

I go to Goodreads and browse books and recommendations to add to my to be read shelf. I love reading and I get twitchy if my tbr pile drops below 30.

Greed. Tell us which author’s top of your auto-buy list. 

Maggie Stiefvater. I’m not really a YA reader, but her writing is gorgeous. There are so many layers, it’s lyrical, the stories and characters are beautifully constructed. It’s an amazing symphony.


I’m tagging the devilishly talents writers:






I look forward to reading all about your sins!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: 7 Deadly Sins

  1. Thank you for tagging me 🙂 Devilishly talented? You’re too kind!
    I love your answers. The excerpt is thrilling & beautifully written 🙂 The Night Circus is a magical book! A real unique piece that enthralled me from start to finish!
    And Goodreads constantly steals my attention. I’ll never finish writing my books if I keep looking for new ones to read 😉
    I’ll be sure to let you know when I post mine 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The Night Circus is one of the very few books that I own a physical copy of, it’s a true work of art, absolutely stunning! I’ve been trying to write the book the excerpt’s from for 3 years now, it’ll come 🙂

      Thanks and I look forward to your answers 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a dark and chilling excerpt, beautifully written. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to read The Night Circus. I agree with the wrath thing. It’s totally unbelievable unless she has super strength, and even then shouldn’t the others have super strength too? Maggie Stiefvater’s books are fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I can’t help but rave about The Night Circus at every opportunity lol. I’m kind of dreading the Raven King because then the series will be over, but at the same time, I’m really excited.


      1. I know the feeling. There’s some series that have already ended where I can’t bring myself to read the last book just yet! When I do read it, I plan to reread all the books before to get the full experience. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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