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Tattoo Magician – A Splash Of Fiction.



I adore tattoos. I currently have two, with plans of two or three more. So it’s quite surprising that it’s taken me this long to really get a tattoo magic idea rolling. I have plans for a YA standalone that focuses on tattoo magic but given I don’t really read YA I’ll have to put a lot effort into research before I tackle that. Anyway! This will be an urban fantasy/supernatural suspense series, and it might well entwine with my Lara Croft style alchemist. The world’s the same at least.

I’m not ready to dive into the full outlining stage, so what I’m doing at the moment it jotting down notes on how the tattoo magic works, and writing a few random scenes. It’s all little odds and ends at the moment while I explore, this is me refreshing my mind after all the focus on the Infernal Hunt series.

This series follows Dacian Loeven, although he usually goes by Dan. It’s been a while since I wrote from a male point of view so that could be interesting, I’m not too worried though. Anyway, you’re probably far more interested in the actual scenes rather than me rambling on about all of this!

This is first draft, so the grammar is horrible, if it remains in the book it’ll be professionally edited. So, enjoy!

Tattoo Scene Part 1 Tattoo Scene Part 2




What are some tropes, concepts, and ideas that you love and are eager to read and write about?


7 thoughts on “Tattoo Magician – A Splash Of Fiction.

  1. Tattoo magic is intriguing! Reminds me of the rune magic used in Cassandra Clare’s Moral Instruments series. Can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂 I love both your explanations and the actual excerpts!

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