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Tattoo Magician: The World

Tattoo Magic World


In my last post I touched on the world of the tattoo magician series that I’m currently toying with. More of you have shown interest in it than I anticipated, so today I’m going to share some more details! Said details are going to be bullet-pointed and involve colour, because I made pretty bullet-points and I adore colour. 😀 

Purple Spikey Bullet 1 First things first, there are three types of tattoo magician in this world. The first can tattoo animals that come alive from the recipient’s skin. The second tattoos animals that the recipient can change form into. The third can tattoo spells, sigils, runes, and other magical bits like that. Each tattooist can only do one, apart from Dacian that is 😉


Pink Round Bullet 2 Tattooists usually come in pairs, it’s very difficult to tattoo your back, shoulderblades, and most of your body nicely. So they tend to pair up to do each other’s tattoos. That also gives them something of a safety net if a tattoo or client is particularly difficult.


Blue Round Bullet 2 The tattoos themselves are highly magical and the animal tattoos must be bonded with. The recipient will have the presence of the animal in the back of their mind and they’ll have to spend some time feeling it out and getting to know it so that they can work well together. Some tattoos are more difficult than others.


green Spikey Bullet 2 It’s a very magical world, most people are magical in some form or another. This means that someone can feel when they have a tattoo itching to come out. It’ll niggle at the back of their mind, a particularly strong animal tattoo may feel as though it’s clawing at your skin. The tattooist’s can feel that in other people too, usually as a vibration or an itch.


Orange Flower  Bullet 2 When the client finds the tattooist they feel is right, said tattooist will paint the tattoo on using a special brush and paints. That allows the client to see what’s trying to emerge before they make a decision. They can deny the tattoo, but that’s painful and requires the help of a strong tattooist to do so. They may feel the need to do that if their tattoo doesn’t fit into their culture or they’re not a strong enough individual to handle it.


Purple range  Bullet 2 In the world as a whole magic is very much open. There are many, many forms of magic from alchemy, to elementals, to shamans, ceremonials, witches, and so on and so forth. There are also magical creatures, for example Gaeol Dacian’s tattooing pair is an elf. This is the same world that the Lara Croft type alchemist is set.


I think that’s given you enough of an idea, I wouldn’t want to give you everything before you read the books now would I? 😛

What’s your favourite form of magic system? 

6 thoughts on “Tattoo Magician: The World

  1. Thank you for this explanation, your world sounds fascinating! A part of me has always wanted a tattoo, the other, larger part doesn’t, but a tattoo like that would be hard to resist!
    Great post, thank you for sharing this insight into your world 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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