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Monday Coffee Break

Mon Coffee Break


I concluded that this blog needs a bit more structure. It’s my little home on the internet so I’m not going to allocate deadlines and ideas to every day, just a few here and there. At the end of each month I’ll round up the books I read and recommend for that month. On Mondays, I’m hoping to do a little coffee break.

These coffee breaks will be a summary of where I’m at with things, and a question posed to you, my dear darling readers.

So where are things sitting right now?

I sent Infernal Bonds (book 2, the first full novel of Infernal Hunt) off to a non-writing reader friend. I told him that the only feedback I was looking for was “is this something you enjoy reading? Is it worth my time and effort?”

He replied by saying that he was enjoying it so much he completely forgot he was supposed to be replying to me! Given I sent him the first draft I’m absolutely over the moon. Usually my books only get sent to my best friend and my editor before the ARCs are ready. This series means a lot, there’s a lot riding on it, so I decided to see how a reader feels about it before I throw more hours into it.

I’m currently dabbling with the writing of Infernal Alliances and planning my tattoo magician books. I’ve gone back over my marketing plan and remain pretty happy with it, so everything’s set on that front. All and all I’m in a pretty reasonable place. I’ve been anemic for a while hence very little to no writing, but I’m finally getting back to normal so hopefully I can crack on and write Infernal Alliances soon.

Now for the question!

Do you have a project or two that you’re waiting to write? Something you feel you’re not quite ready to tackle yet?

I have a couple and they’re sort of related. I started writing both a few years back, but I don’t feel like I’m ready to do them justice. They’re both really intense dark fantasy, both stand-alones, and both centre around the topic of addiction. The excerpt I put in my 7 deadly sins posts came from the more recent of the two.

The first follows a fallen angel as he finds his way on the mortal realm, and slowly loses himself again to a dark and dangerous addiction. The other follows a young woman as she battles something within herself, leaning on her addiction to try and help her win the war. I’m considering having a third linked stand-alone following another young woman with a troubling addiction, but we’ll see.

Let me know if you have any projects waiting in the wings!

4 thoughts on “Monday Coffee Break

  1. I love the idea of a coffee break!

    First off, in order for me to explain, you need to know how old I am. I’m fifteen and love writing, writing my first book when I was ten. Since then, I have had so many ideas for books. One of them is a little out there. It follows a teenager who is bullied and it deals with suicide and death and it relays a good message in my eyes, but I’m still only fifteen. This book also handles with my own personal experiences from friends and relatives so it’s kind of hard to put it all down in words. I started writing a couple of chapters and was really amazed at where it was going.

    I feel like if I write this, it needs to be under a pseudonym because it’s a little risky and I wouldn’t want people to know I wrote it until it was out and about for a while and I was ready. But maybe one day, I’ll be brave enough to finish writing it.

    Thanks for this post so I can have an excuse to put that out there. 🙂

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