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Tattoo Magicians: Snippets.

Tattoo Magician Snippets


Why yes I do have the tattoo magician series on my brain at the moment. After a lot of thought and umming and aahing I’ve decided to throw myself into the writing of book one this series, and put Infernal Alliances on pause. I swore blind when I finished Witch Infernal (book 3) that I’d take a break from the Infernal Hunt series. I feel like I need that break, to refresh my brain. So here I am, giving you insight into my process.

Right now what I’m doing is writing random little snippets, images, and scenes. These are both first draft, they may not make it into the proper first draft. The point of them is to give me a feel for Dacian, the world, his voice, the plot, all of that. Once I’ve done a few more of these I’ll start making proper notes on everything and go from there. I think I’ll write a few chapters before I do the intense outline. I need a break, so this one will be much more fast and loose, relaxed, less tense and organised.


Snippet One.

I sat on the rooftop, the warm breeze curling around me as I watched the dark clouds gather on the horizon. An uneasiness settled in the pit of my stomach, things were changing. Kyra stirred, she itched and prickled over my shoulderblade trying to free herself from the confines of my body. Her frustrated mews in the back of my mind made me smile and broke me from the brooding and increasing ennui that built around me. Taking a deep breath I removed the bindings from her, the cool threads of my magic stretched across the itchy skin over my shoulderblade. It was as natural as breathing, she was a part of me, as much as she denied it at every possible opportunity. Her small furry head nuzzled against my cheek as she crawled out from under my T-shirt to wrap herself around the back of my neck purring softly. No matter where I was, at least I was safe in the knowledge that I’d never be alone.


Snippet Two.

The shadows slipped and slid around the walls, whispering half-formed secrets and forgotten moments. Sin pressed against my spine, the course hissing of his voice tickling my consciousness. Taking a deep breath I trickled my magic down over his large body and the surrounding runes, careful to maintain a steady pace and relaxed pose while my skin stretched and tore. Small spikes of pain blossomed and spread into sharp-edged agonies that soon settled into a dull ache, the runes were an unpleasant but necessary experience. Sin wound his way up over my shoulders, his large body comfortably sitting in the natural contours of my body. The stranger’s footsteps increased in tempo behind me, my runes flared once more in response to their magic tasting the edge of mine. Sin slid down over my chest and slipped to the floor silently, his black scales blending into the shifting shadows with ease.

The stranger never saw him coming.



The series has a name!!




Born Of Ink Series Name Urban Fantasy
Series Name


Book One Branded In Ink Urban Fantasy
Book One



4 thoughts on “Tattoo Magicians: Snippets.

  1. Intriguing and well-written snippets indeed 🙂 I love the title of the series and the book. They are perfectly chosen. Sometimes a break from a story can help bring more inspiration and this seems like a great story to throw yourself into it! Can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These snippets are fantastic! It gives a good, distinct feel for the story. And what a great name for the series. I’m excited to see more updates about this. Good luck with the plotting/planning process! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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