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Urban Fantasy Recommendations Jan. 2016

Urban Fantasy Book Recommendations

As the incredibly inventive title suggests, this is a post with my urban fantasy book recommendations! I’m an avid reader, I read primarily urban fantasy, and I love squee’ing and sharing books I enjoy. So I’d like to do one post at the end of each month with the books I’ve read and enjoyed that month. It’s something positive ๐Ÿ˜€

The book covers either link to Amazon’s shiny new preview thing, OR the goodreads page – I couldn’t get the preview to work for all of them, apparently they’re not working in the EU yet.

First up we have Owl And The Japanese Circus. Jessie H on Twitter recommended this to me when I asked for UF rec’s, and I’m so glad she did!


Thanks to a shiny new Amazon development you can now read a free sample when you click on the cover!

This was a really fun urban fantasy with the female lead being something of a modern Indiana Jones. It’s quick-paced, with a good mix of action, character-development, and history bits. The world’s well-developed and wonderful. The characters are great, they’re so much fun and I just love this book. I immediately went and devoured the sequel, I can’t wait for more books in this series. Needless to say I absolutely adored the next book too.

This one I stumbled across on Goodreads.


This is closer to what’s become classic urban fantasy, that’s to say the protagonist works for a supernatural police force of forms. She’s not overly kick-ass, but that’s completely fine, she absolutely rocks what she does have. I’m a bit tired and done with the supernatural police procedural thing, and this did have a slower start than I usually like, but I’m so glad I stayed with it. I have so much love for this book! I really want to read the next two books but I have to read more from my tbr pile before I can justify buying more books. This is another action-packed, quick-paced read with fantastic characters, no real romance, and a great well-developed world. I was completely hooked from perhaps 40% in I just couldn’t put it down. The pacing is wonderful and I have so much love for everything!

I believe this was recommended as an urban fantasy must-read somewhere.


Another shiny preview available with this one!

The premise of this is like a lot of other books out there, but I appreciated this take on it. The protagonist comes into magic and thus finds herself dragged into a position that terrifies her. I don’t have huge love for this book like I do the two above, but I’m still recommending it because I feel like you guys might like it more than I did. The pacing could have been better, the repetition and angst bugged me, and the ending could have been better. I’m a very fussy reader, I like high-tension, quick-pace, and a really tight narrative. The descriptions of New Orleans are wonderful, the characters are really nicely done, and the entire supernatural world is great. I do like the direction the plot and world has gone overall, I’ll likely read the next book. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more languorous, then maybe this’ll rock your world. ๐Ÿ™‚


This was another I stumbled across on Goodreads.



This one also has a shiny preview.ย 

This was different to usual urban fantasies, there’s a lot of native american mythology and culture in there, and I absolutely loved it. The narrative is action-packed and yet still this intense slow burn that was wonderful to read. I really enjoyed the characters, how honest and true the protagonist was about her relationships and those around her. I read book two in this series and also thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be reading the next book in this series, the native american side really gave this an edge for me.


This one came from an urban fantasy reading challenge I’m doing.


This is different to the books earlier on this, for one, it’s set in Victorian London rather than the modern day. It’s a slower read with a good sense of humour and absolutely delightful romance. I would have been cautious to try this had it not been for the reading challenge, it’s not the usual action-packed thing that I tend to go for. That being said the protagonist is strong-willed, intelligent, and so much fun. The secondary characters are wonderful, the world is rich and sumptuous. If you prefer the quicker-paced, modern day urban fantasy then this may not be to your tastes. If however you’re willing to take a risk on something a little slower with a good sense of humour, then I recommend at least trying this. I look forward to reading the next in the series.


Finally, this one I found through an urban fantasy reading challenge I’m doing on Goodreads.



I’ll openly admit that this one wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping, but it’s still good enough to make the list. This is a police procedural type urban fantasy, that means it’s a little slower and has the politics that come with dealing with varying police departments. The overall world is interesting and the descriptions are clear which allowed me to really see the surroundings in my mind. There’s a good mix of characters, all of which play their roll well and have clear-cut personalities. There were a few irksome typos and I’d have made a few notes on pacing if I were editing it, but overall it’s a fun little read with an interesting world and characters that make me want to go back for book two.


There you have it, the books I’ve read and recommend for January 2016. I posted it a little before the end of the month because I don’t think I’ll be reading another by the 31st. I plan on focusing on my writing a bit more instead. This is a feature that I hope to maintain as I love sharing good books with you guys.

8 thoughts on “Urban Fantasy Recommendations Jan. 2016

    1. I’m not sure how many are in my TBR heap at this point lol. Finding that urban fantasy reading challenge probably doubled it because it has a whole bunch of new series I hadn’t heard of lol

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  1. So many great books here to try out!! Thanks for taking the time to share them all. Soulless is already sitting on my shelf, but the others will be added in due time I’m sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

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