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Writing And Publishing Plans 2016

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There’s this idea of accountability, that if you put something publicly you’ll be more likely to actually accomplish it. I’m not entirely convinced it’d work on me, I’m far too stubborn for all that. That being said, I’d like to share my hopes for this year with you.

I turn 30 at the end of July and I’m more than a little bit freaked out by that. That means I want Infernal Hunt up and running before then. That requires three books to be published before then. They’re written, they’re currently with my editor who’s working on a “when I can fit them in” basis.

I spent so much of last year reading,  researching, and learning. This is the year where I put all of that to use. I want to build up as big a backlog of books as possible.

So here it is, the plan, the hope. 

Write a total of five Infernal Hunt books this year. Three already down.

Write two Born Of Ink books and get another planned. 

Write two Powdered Ink books, and have a third planned. 

Realistically I want those two Born Of Ink books published before December, along with the other two Infernal Hunt books. 

Much to my chagrin a lot of this plan is out of my hands, it comes down to when my editor can fit me in and to be horribly blunt, money. I can write the damn books if I can keep my stress levels down, it’s everything else. I’m going to keep writing as much and as quickly as I can to get that backlog there though, so if or when I can’t write, I can still edit and publish as frequently as possible. This is going to be my year, I’m working my ass off, may the gods be with me. 🙂


What are your hopes and plans for this year?


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