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I mentioned yesterday that I want to have some 11 books written by the end of this year. I said that a lot of that’s because I’m turning 30 at the end of July, I need to feel as though I’ve made my mark. This is going to be my year, the year I feel as though I’m making real progress, the year I go full-time as an author.

I’m a freelance developmental editor at the moment and I love my work, I truly do. I likely won’t give it up completely because I love doing it too much. Ahem, as I was saying.

I’ve been writing for a few years but I finally threw myself into the publishing thing some 15 or so months ago. I’d published erotica under two pen-names previously and found success with them, enough to pay a few bills. I used that time to learn about marketing, publishing, formatting, cover-design, etc. Last year I worked under another two names, I published paranormal romance serials and earnt enough to cover all bills while under KU1 (Kindle Unlimited version 1). I also published another genre and got into the top 12,000 on Amazon, I was pretty pleased but there were still things to be learnt there. So I did. I went away, and I read, and learnt.

That brings me to last autumn, when the decision was made to finally stop dabbling, to stop screwing around, and do this.

It was time to stop hiding. Time to stop reading, and time to start doing.

The PlanAs you’re all aware (because I don’t stop going on about it) I’m writing an urban fantasy series called Infernal Hunt. I forget the name that’s usually attached to this method, Liliana Hart? Anyway, I’ll be releasing the first three books over the course of a month. I originally came across this method on Lindsay Buroker’s blog. Now I’m usually far too impatient to hold onto books like that, but I can see the benefits and I so badly want to do this right.

Infernal Ties the novella is a stand-alone and the first book in the series. Readers can either start there, or with book two Infernal Bonds. IT will be priced at 99c from the start and stay that way, it’s a novella that will hopefully pull readers in and be enough to act as a sales funnel so they buy the rest of the books.

Infernal Ties will be released one week before Infernal Bonds. They’ll both go up for pre-order, and the linky to Infernal Bonds will go in the back of Infernal Ties to make it as easy as possible for readers to buy it. Releasing it one week before gives me a week to promote it and dance around telling people about the series. It also gives people a week to read Infernal Ties ready to dive into Infernal Bonds.

Then two weeks later I’ll release Witch Infernal. This might change. A lot of people recommend releasing the third book 30 days after the second book, that’s to help combat the 30 day cliff (where sales drop off after 30 days). It also allows you to make the most of the Hot New Release lists. We’ll see a little closer to the time how I feel about everything.

Each book will have the first chapter of the next one in the back, as my chapters run from 800 – 1400 words I’m not too worried about feeling cheated by the chapter taking up too much room. That being said, it’s hopefully enough to whet the appetite and encourage those sales on the next book.

I’ll be looking for advanced readers to leave reviews on the books within 7 days of them going live on Amazon about three weeks before the publication date. If you’d be interested in being an advanced reader please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

I want these books to go live with a bang, the bigger commotion I can create, the more readers I can hook, the happier I’ll be. I will be using paid promotion to help that happen, as they’re new releases my options are very limited but I have some places lined up to try.

These books will be exclusive to Amazon and likely stay that way for one year. The reason I’ve decided to go exclusive (assuming nothing major happens between now and then) is because it’s so much easier to get more eyes on the books on Amazon, to be blunt. Amazon is the big dog at the moment, as such, it makes sense to build up a fanbase on Amazon and then go wide from there.

In the longer term I’m hoping that I can release books at a reasonable clip, as I said, a lot of that depends on my editor. In an ideal world I’ll release books four and five of Infernal Hunt one month, and two months respectively after Witch Infernal. Five books will give me a damn good idea if the series is going to work or not and I can decide how to proceed with it from there. Once those five books are out, then I want to get the first two books for Born Of Ink out. What I do from there depends on readers reactions and sales.

Realistically I want to release a book a month for a year. That will allow me to get everything established and really make a proper go of this.

I am absolutely terrified.

I’m so insanely paranoid that people will hate the books, that no one will buy them, that people will tear them down and have no interest in reading any of my books ever. This is a big risk, it’s a huge amount of work, but I’ve already devoted so much time and energy to researching and planning this that I have to try. I’ve read hundreds (literally) of books and blog posts about everything even vaguely relating to this. I’ve read books in a wide range of genres, from bestsellers to indies just starting out, to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. I’ve studied story structure, book formatting, marketing, and cover design. I’ve fretted, worried, and put my heart and soul into this. I have to try.


Thank you for all of your love and support. Even if this fails epicly, your support and time mean a lot to me.

This is my year, I’m doing everything in my power to make my dreams come true, and I plan on bringing you along for the ride. 



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