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I’ll admit that this graphic is showing my sense of humour a bit, and also probably quite a bit of why I’m doing this post. I like doing graphics ok 😛

I’m sure that if I looked around the internet I’d find a nice set of questions that someone has put together on this very concept, but where would the fun be in that?

As the title suggests I think it’d be fun to look at and share some of our works in progress. So let’s get down to it shall we?

How many works in progress do you currently have in progress?

I have quite a few in varying stages. There are four books that need professional editing, there’s another that I have two chapters on and want to finish (the one that’s super intense), and Branded In Ink only has an opening line right now. So what’s that, six? lol

Tell us about them!

I think you guys already know all about mine! Infernal Hunt is the main one, an urban fantasy/supernatural thriller series following the twins Evie and Quin as they keep the supernal creatures of Prague in line. It all gets a bit complicated when a hellhound tries to open a hellmouth…

Born Of Ink follows Dacian a tattoo magician, it’s another urban fantasy/supernatural thriller. Someone begins marking people with a magical tattoo, a simple black spot, the recipient dies three days later. Dacian steps in to stop the murderer.

The as yet unnamed one follows Elle who has a dark past, and an intense addiction. It’s a dark fantasy and follows her as she tries to figure out what’s going on, with the city in riot in the background.

Who’s your favourite character from your projects?

I think I’m supposed to say Evie or Dacian given they’re the two main protagonists, but I love Kadrix.

Don’t hold back, tell us all about said favourite character!

Kadrix is an elf and an alchemist in Infernal Hunt. As he’s an elf his view on the world is a little different to the other characters. He’s a pansexual, snarky, kick-ass, aloof, sexy, pain in the ass. He’s very intelligent but his moral compass is, well, elven. His interactions and thoughts on emotion and affection are affected by the fact that elves don’t really do monogamy, so that leads to some interesting moments. He’s also fascinated by how everything works and has some wonderfully inappropriate lines at the best moments.

How did this project come about?

I wanted to write something a bit more commercial, something more action-orientated, and closer to a supernatural thriller. Evie popped into my head, and she had her twin Quin just behind her. I knew it was set in Prague, because Prague’s an amazing setting for this type of book, the history, the twisting alleys, so much potential here. So really it spawned because I wanted something I could be passionate about, but still sell.

What’s the best part of  this project for you? Which bit do you most enjoy?

In the case of Infernal Hunt I love the relationships and watching them evolve. There are love interests, friendships, faction divides, it’s a lot of fun to see how they all come together and play, or fight. With Born Of Ink the actual tattoo magic fascinates me, I adore tattoos and the idea of tattoo magic. I’m really excited to dive in and see how that all comes together and unfurls. With the one I’ll actually share something from, it’s the intensity and the depth of the descriptions. It doesn’t have a name, and I don’t feel I’m good enough to finish writing it yet, it’s just so intricate, so dark, so much everything.

Share something from the project with us! A favourite line, a scene, something you feel comfortable with. 

I’ve already shown you quite a bit from Infernal Hunt and I don’t have enough from Born Of Ink yet, so, the unnamed intense one it is!


Scene One:

Cold fingers of lust and anxiety crawled up my spine as I felt it. The shattering of an innocent soul. There were laws in place, none under the age of consent were ever taken. Not this night. I rolled over and pulled the covers up higher around my face as I pushed away the desire. I found my tongue running over my lips as images of crimson dripping onto pale white skin crept into my mind. What the hell was wrong with me? I sat up running my fingers through my hair trying to breathe deep and think of nice, normal things. Bunnies, they’re a normal thing for girls, right? Fluffy, cute little bunnies with their pounding heart and fear rolling off them as their nose twitches, looking for the…. It was no good. I was lost for the night.

Scene Two:

The dank smell of old water and rotting leaves hung in the air making me wrinkle my nose and hope for a quick transaction. He leaned against the grey concrete of the old bridge, stained with graffiti. I sighed and wrapped my fingers around the smooth notes, double checking I had enough with a little spare, just in case. His lips spread into a predatory smile as his soft brown eyes sparked and he straightened his back and stood up properly, showing off his tall, muscular frame. His hands remained casually tucked in his coat pockets. His long black coat screamed wealth with its finely tailored cut and expensive fabric, I couldn’t help feeling a pang of jealousy. I was in the wrong trade. I stopped a couple of feet in front of him and showed him the cash, no need for pleasantries, we both knew why we were there. He smiled and leaned in close, his warm, sweet breath running down my bare neck. “Sorry sweetness, prices have gone up”

He pulled back just enough to look into my eyes, I bet those big chocolate coloured pools had pulled in many women. I tried to make my own eyes go big, hoping that the puppy thing would work. He laughed, it was a harsh, grating sound. It seemed odd, coming from his finely carved features. He pursed his lips and simply said “Honey, you need this, we both know that. Now, it’s an extra ten percent”

I swallowed hard, that was everything I had. My food money. Everything, gone, on those precious pills. The darkness clawed at the back of my mind, it sank its fangs into my subconscious, begging to be free. I handed over everything I had. He took a moment to count it, his perfectly manicured hands almost looked ashamed to be touching the well worn money. With a small nod and a smirk he handed over the little brown paper bag, I opened it to check it had my pills in it. The transaction was done. I was ok for a few more days.

We’ve done happy positive stuff, so tell us, what’s the most difficult part of this project?

In Infernal Hunt it’s balancing everything. As I showed in my post on outlining (how I outline) I have a lot of stuff going on. There are the subplots, the short ones that last the length of one book and the long ones that run through multiple books. There are the relationships, their development and progress. Then there’s the city wide stuff, and the book long main plots, with the big series plot, and argh! Trying to make sure everything gets what it needs, that it interlinks and benefits everything around it while still being done full justice. It’s hard.

What do you feel is the weakest point of this project?

The last series I wrote was very character-driven, and readers felt that there were too many feels and not enough action. I kept that firmly in mind with Infernal Hunt and have made sure that it’s action-packed but I feel like it’s a bit too lean. It’s currently with my editor so we’ll see what he says, but I think I need to go back and put more emotion on the page.

With Born Of Ink it’s the fact I haven’t written it yet! 😛

Now what’s the strongest point?

The pacing. I’m so happy with the pacing and how it keeps pulling readers along. Only two people have read it so far, but both said they were hooked from start to finish, that makes me incredibly happy.

Who will this project appeal to?

Both Infernal Hunt and Born Of Ink will appeal to people who enjoy action-packed urban fantasy and supernatural thrillers. They’re quick-paced (BoI will be, when it’s written!), with strong, kick-ass protagonists, and that thriller element in there. I hope they’ll both appeal to people who like SupernaturalThe Dresden Files, and other big urban fantasy names like that. The dark intense one, I have no idea lol. It’s a dark fantasy, so I think it’ll appeal to people who really like diving into that darkness, into people’s psyches.

What are your plans for this project?

I think I summed that up in my post about my plans, but I’ll give you a quick run-down anyway!

Infernal Hunt should start being published in late spring to early summer, the first three books will go out over the course of one month. I really want the first two books of Born Of Ink two be published in autumn, along with another two Infernal Hunt books. So we’ll see. Oh and I’m going indie all the way, I’ve been indie for a couple of years and have no plans to change that.

Which project/s will you work on next?

I’m hoping to start writing Powdered Ink the Lara Croft style alchemist who’s set in the same world as Born Of Ink. I wouldn’t be surprised if those two series interlink in the future, particularly given Dacian started as a secondary character in Powdered Ink.


Tell us anything you’re bursting to tell us here! Then tag in all and sundry, because we love hearing about other peoples writing!

I want to hear from everyone, I love hearing about people’s writing and works in progress. If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged! Feel free to use my graphic at the top too, it’s all above board 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Work In Progress Wednesday.

  1. Awesome answers! Thank you for the tag! I’ll be putting mine up in maybe half an hour!

    I loved those snippets! I just want to read anything that you wrote right now! (I just realized that I use exclamation points a lot.)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. First, thanks for tagging me 🙂 I’m really honoured to be included among so many great bloggers. I’ll be sure to get to this eventually. Hopefully next Wednesday!
    I love finding out more about your stories, from favourite characters to all these planned projects. You’re just like me. I have too many projects going on right now!
    I love how you’ve set your story in Prague. It’s a city I definitely want to visit one day. Had you started to set your story there before you moved?
    The snippets from your unnamed intense project are…intense 😉 Your writing is captivating! I cannot wait to hear more about this story.
    As for Branded in Ink and Infernal Hunt, I eagerly await more from these as well. From what I’ve read or heard so far, I’m sure they will be fantastic stories.
    Stay amazing 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I started setting the intense one here while I was preparing for the move here. The others it just seemed logical to put them here. It’s a fun and interesting place, and if I need to check some details I can head there and look 😀

      I look forward to seeing your answers!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing answers! Kadrix sounds like an awesome character and would really love to read your series and stories now. I look forward to see how well you get on with those. The snippets got me hooked! You tease!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All of your upcoming books sound fantastic! I can’t wait to read them. 🙂 I love the name Kadrix and he sounds like such an interesting characters. Your elves sound like a cool group. I love when there’s culture clashing and culture shock for characters. Very nice snippets, lots of mystery. Al is right. You are a tease. But it’s a good thing!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the tag and I love this idea. Your story sounds amazing and I have loved ALL of the snippets you have shared with us thus far. I’m excited to see where this story will go and how it will develop. Your writing is so strong and vivid and just all around amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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