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Monday Coffee Break 3

Mon Coffee Break



Unfortunately not much writing happened this week, instead, we had a bit of an adventure.


We had a falling out with our electricity company. Now, I have not missed a single payment in the last 2 years, yet, they disconnected us Thursday afternoon. When I rang up Friday morning, having spent the night in a freezing flat, with no heating, no fridge, no hob/oven, and no hot water… I spoke to a gentleman who explained, in a rather snarky tone, that I’d been underpaying for months. I calmly told him I paid whatever was on the invoice that comes in the mail each month, he called me a liar. I was sat in Starbucks at the time, because it was warm and had caffeine, and electricity, so I didn’t swear at him. I did however change my tone to the very calm, slightly growly, “If this were in person I’d rip your throat out” tone.


He was a jackass and expected us to be grateful that even though I paid it at 9.20am that morning, we weren’t going to have electricity back until Monday, possibly Tuesday. 5 days in a freezing flat, no ability to cook food, and a very large dent in our bank account for the damn privilege.


Oh and the best bit? We had to email them a screenshot as evidence that we had in fact paid. No, I lie, the best bit is that by EU law they must reconnect us within 2 working days of us paying. They, being what they are, adapted that to be 2 working days from when they receive proof of payment – the screenshot. So they chose to push it to the very limit of the law, thus forcing us to be without electricity, in winter. I hope you’re proud of the fact I haven’t sworn yet, I deserve a medal.


Fortunately, I’m a bit of a pyro so I had a lot of candles in the flat. I usually keep 5 pillar candles, 4 tapers, and 16 tea-lights out in the living room, with some further 100 tea-lights, 6 pillar candles and so on, in a drawer. We lived on pastries, because we couldn’t cook and stayed in cafes through the days. At night we bundled up under every blanket we own, shut ourselves in the bedroom, and put candles on every surface in the bedroom. And a few more on the floor. It turns out that that many candles put out enough heat to stave off the worst of hypothermia. We haven’t been comfortable, but we’ve survived.


So I haven’t really been in a writing place. I don’t like writing in public, so cafes weren’t great, and we chose to read when we were in the flat. I’ve really enjoyed the series I’ve been reading, so it’s not all bad J


This means I’m still in the writing random snippets stage of things. You can read some of said snippets here.


Before we dive into the question, I just have to say a huge thank you for the amazing comments I’ve had recently. I’ve been really insecure about my writing as of late, you’ve been so supportive and wonderful. Thank you, it means the world.




Tell me, if you could go on any adventure, from any book, which would you choose?


I think I’d have to go for a classic and say Alice in Wonderland. It’d be an amazing adventure, one to make sure I never saw the world quite the same again. Not that imagination needs much more fuel!



5 thoughts on “Monday Coffee Break 3

  1. Ugh, that sounds awful! I’m glad you’re okay, though. 🙂 People like that just make me so angry that I can barely function properly. I’ve even misspelled a whole bunch of words in this comment after reading your post! 😛

    As for your question, I would want to go on an adventure to Hogwarts! I know that it’s not an ACTUAL adventure, but if I could catch a train from Texas to London (are there such things? I’ve never even been on a train.) so that I could get on platform 9 3/4 and go to Hogwarts, that would be all the adventure I needed. However, I WOULDN’T want to go on the same adventures as Harry because for one, I would be so scared and I wouldn’t make it past the first book’s plot and two, I’m not an actual wizard, so that would be very bad in destroying Voldemort.

    Thanks for keeping us updated and I hope you don’t have to deal with those same people again. 🙂

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    1. It’d be amazing to go to Hogwarts, to see all the magic and the magical animals!

      I have electricity back 😀 So fingers crossed everything will be ok from here on out. Thanks for your thoughts 😀

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  2. What an absolute nightmare! I am so sorry for you. I’ve noticed in your comments that you’ve gotten it back, so I’m glad to hear that! I hope that it stays back and that you’re writing can recommence in full 🙂
    Wonderland would be a brilliant place to visit. If I were a truly brave person, I would say to follow Aragorn on his quest to unite men against Sauron or tag along with Thorin, Bilbo and the company of dwarves to free Erebor from the clutches of Smaug.
    As I am, I’d be content with a minor adventure, a trip to Thornfield Hall with Jane Eyre or Pemberley with Elizabeth Bennett. Oh dear…my romantic is showing this morning, I think 😉

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