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Pre-Coffee Fun!

PreCoffee Fun


I am unfortunately uncaffeinated at the moment. I have not however let that stop me from having a little fun. Being the kind and generous soul that I am, I’m sharing said fun with you πŸ˜›

Did I tell you how I really got into this whole writing malarky? It started with Mad Whispers, my BFF (no that’s not the name on his birth certificate :P). I got it into my head that it’d be fun to do a collaborative story, I write a bit, he writes a bit, back and forth. So we did, in Facebook messenger. That book grew into an 18,000 word story that I still love. It ignited my love of writing, BFF’s kind words and insistence that I write more helped a lot.

Writing random bits into messengers, be they MSN (yes I’m showing my age) or Facebook has been quite important to my writing, really. That’s how I started considering writing as a fun activity in my teens. I wrote random little stories to friends. I wrote my first novel after I did the collaborative story with BFF. Then I tried to write a romance to BFF in MSN messenger, because I can’t write romance to save my life. 15 minutes later I had a horror short story that I did a quick proof-read on before it was submitted (and accepted) for publication in a literary mag.

It’s a great way to relax, let loose, and just have fun. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in mechanics and bits you forget to smile and enjoy it. I often bug BFF on Facebook and say “Write for me?”

I did that today, and that sparked a funny little story that he’s given me permission to share. We’ve named it “The Cat And His Elf.”

Ignore the typos, it was put straight into Facebook after all πŸ˜›

(He’s the white boxes, I’m the blue boxes).

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So there we have it, writing random stuff into messengers with my BFF has actually resulted in some huge writing moments for me. The lesson I’m choosing to run with here is, don’t forget to let loose, relax, and write purely for fun. It could also be “screwing around talking to your friends on messengers is really good for writers,” but that wouldn’t look as good on one of those motivational posters πŸ˜‰



8 thoughts on “Pre-Coffee Fun!

  1. That’s a great lesson, and definitely one I need to remember more often. I’ve been so preoccupied with editing (and maybe a little stressed these past few weeks) that having a bit of fun with my writing sounds like a great idea! And I definitely need to relax more. I’ll get there, I promise.
    Thanks for sharing!!

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      1. I’m off work all of next week and my SO has forbidden me from doing any work on my book, so I’ll try to limit it book cover stuff and replying to my betas πŸ˜› I hope you get some you-time as well πŸ™‚

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      2. I hope so! This might sound weird but I’m nervous knowing that I have to relax, without any editing whatsoever. Not being able to work on my WIP makes me twitchy.
        Which is probably a sign that I need a week off.

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  2. Thank you for sharing! It’s amazing to learn about how people get into writing and how they stay inspired. These moments and exercises you share with your friend are such great ways of letting loose and enjoying yourself. It’s easy to get wrapped in our heads and that’s when the blocks come. Thanks for reminding us that our minds can be most free when we choose to relax πŸ™‚ An inspiring post!


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