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Writers Bucket List!



Jessica tagged me into this cool idea, you can find her bucket list here. 

This was harder than it looks, but, without further ado, here is my writerly bucket list!

Write a full length lesbian romance.

I’ve done paranormal romance serials but I have yet to write a full, novel length romance. That bugs me! I have a lesbian paranormal romance idea in my head, but every time I’ve tried I’ve stalled out. I hate not being able to do something, so I am determined to one day write that book!

Write a political fantasy.

This is another one I have in my head but I’m too scared to tackle right now. I think the idea’s really awesome, but the politics, the layers, eep! I think it’ll be fun, I love the idea itself, but it currently remains on my bucket list.

Write Dark City/Red Spiral – intense dark fantasy.

I have two really dark, really intense, stories waiting to be written. They’re far denser and more intense than my other books, I’m not convinced they’re all that marketable, to be blunt. They need to be written. They have something to say, they have a purpose, they’re a challenge.

Write something with the snarky elf as the protagonist.

All my books have a snarky elf as a secondary character and everyone loves that elf! Kadrix in the Infernal Hunt series is the current example, I suspect Kiern will fulfil that in Born Of Ink. I want to write a book where that elf doesn’t steal the show from the protagonist because they are the protagonist.

Write something that makes someone cry.

That might sound awful, but I want to write something where I nail the emotions so beautifully, so thoroughly, that they make someone cry. As I said in my post about being a storyteller, I write to change people’s worlds, to get a reaction from them, and knowing that I succeeded on that level would be amazing.


Tell us your writerly bucket list! Jessica has added that we should include the #WritersBucketList hashtag so that we can make this a fun interactive community thing! I want to know yours, yes you, right there, I want to know!






10 thoughts on “Writers Bucket List!

  1. I’m right there with you in political fantasy! Oh, and I wanted to write a historical fiction with loads of magical realism, where the MC was gay, and I did, but then I realized I’d have to write a series and now it’s in the backburner, but it’s happening at some point ^_^

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  2. I used to have something similar to this on my blog as an actual page. I just called it my to-do list. I ended up taking it down because I found myself slink into a different routine and writing schedule. But this is a good idea!

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  3. I can’t wait to do this 🙂
    You have great aspirations! I really want that Kadrix led story. Please! Please! Please! 🙂
    I think a political fantasy would be wonderful. I have a similar inkling for a story in that genre.
    I completely understand wanting to write a story that makes someone cry. I gave my sister my current WIP a long time ago when it was in its first stages and she wept at the end and I was so happy that she did. I hope other people will feel the same way.
    All these story ideas! When will we ever find the time to write them all?? 😉

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    1. We need timeturners and more energy to write all the ideas! lol
      I’d love to write something with Kadrix in the lead if I can his voice right I’ll try & do a novella at some point 🙂

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