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Update (April 10th)

EndOfWeek Recap


Things have been a little all over the place. I’ve been quite determined to write something for fun, I so badly need to decompress and chill out, this means I’ve got even more projects in varying states.

I’ll try and put this into some sort of sensible, organised, way.

First up, is an Infernal Hunt update. I’ve wrapped up the first developmental edit in Infernal Ties! The ending was a bit of a mess, but I knew that, I threw it down because it was killing me having it not written. Everything else was solid though and that makes me so happy! Editor was rather complimentary *happy dance*. Oh oh and! I sent a scene over to my dear twin Mollie, which she loved! That’s it. Year made. 😀

I have sort of been trying to do Camp NaNoWriMo amidst the usual work stuff and these edits. I set myself the goal of 25k, I thought that’d be quite reasonable given my workload. Ha! It took me 36 hours to get behind lol. So what am I doing for Camp?

It’s tentatively called Shattered God and I think I talked about it somewhere around here? Maybe on the Camp post? Either way, it’s fun and I’m working really hard to stop it from having too many… carnal scenes in it, but Cian and Zathriel have big appetites. It’s supposed to be a complex, deep, psychological journey. So we’ll see how that all comes together.

Oh I started doing a bullet journal! I’ve only done it for maybe five days but I really like it so far. I love that I can make it entirely my own, which means pretty colours 😀

I’ve been giving consideration to doing a bit more on Branded In Ink for Camp… which is cheating, but, I’m supposed to write for fun right now. I’m tempted to write both Shattered God and Branded In Ink while editing the Infernal Hunt books – because my workload isn’t too intense right now? Oh wait… lol

We’ll see! The point is, I’m writing for fun and I loved editing Infernal Ties! It was so much fun getting back into Evie’s head again, I can’t wait to write book 4, but I have to wait until I see how the others sell! Le sigh.

Slight detour, but I finally read A Darker Shade Of Magic by V.E. Schwab and I completely see why people love it so much! I know I’m probably not supposed to but I really liked Holland. I’m saving A Gathering Of Shadows for my reward for finishing the next draft, whatever that ends up being. I’m so excited for the release of This Savage Song by her too!

For those who asked about the release dates of the Infernal Hunt books, that depends on how the editing goes. If everything goes wonderfully smoothly then Infernal Ties will be released at the end of June. Infernal Bonds will come out a week later, then Witch Infernal will come out in early August. All will be available for pre-order and I will flail and dance and grin like a loon the moment I have hard and fast dates for you!


Thank you for the wonderful support, I hope you’re doing well and everything is good where you are!





9 thoughts on “Update (April 10th)

  1. Ahhhhh! So exciting. You come up with such amazing titles too. I’m always up for word wars for Camp on twitter.

    I’ve heard of bullet journals and know the gist of them, but never looked further into it. Are you going to show pictures? :O

    Can’t wait for the pre-orders!! \o/

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    1. Titles steal all of my naming ability. I’m completely & utterly useless at character names, they’d all be Elise/Evie and Keiran or Alexei if I could get away with it! lol

      I’ll post pictures of the bullet journal maybe Friday, by then I’ll have some more pages and be a bit more settled 😀

      I’ll keep the word wars in mind, they’ll probably do me some good! thanks 😀

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      1. I love baby name books (or online) for characters and I read someone mentioning they keep phone books and search through those which I thought was a great idea because I suck with last names.


      2. Most of mine don’t even have last names lol. Scrivener’s name tool is really good too! My alchemist in Powdered Ink still went through 9 or so names before I finally settled on one lol

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  2. I love the name Shattered God, I’m hooked already!
    I’ve managed to get behind on camp as well. My stats say I’ll be done some time in May, which isn’t acceptable! I’ll be trying to catch up this week while editing and formatting… *makes more tea*
    I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed ADSoM! I liked Holland, too, he’s one of my favourite characters – right after Lila.

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  3. All of this sounds so exciting! I’m loving editing right now too but I can’t wait to move on to the next story.
    I am extremely excited for Infernal Ties. I hope that the editing continues to go well for you. The end of June isn’t that long too wait…
    I still need to read A Darker Shade of Magic but I can’t wait for it 🙂
    Good luck with the rest of Camp NaNo. Shattered Gods is an intriguing title. I’ve managed to fall behind in my editing too, but I intend to double down that weekend. So we’ll see how that goes.

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