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Urban Fantasy Series Recommendations.

Urban Fantasy series recommendations



love urban fantasy. There’s a good reason why I write it after all 😉 I decided to put together a big list of the series that I have read and personally recommend. I feel like I’m missing some, but these are the ones that have stuck in my mind. If I remember then I’ll come back and add to this list as I find more series 😀

I’ve split this into three tiers. The first one is the series that I absolutely adore and cannot get enough of. The second is the series that I really enjoyed, but if I had to choose between buying a book from tier one, and a book from two, tier one would win. The third is for series that I liked, but I felt like other people would probably enjoy more.

These books are all reasonably quick-paced, the majority have kick-ass female protagonists, and the romance is very much a subplot rather than the focus. Oh and the sex fades to black or close to it. They’re just my preferences for urban fantasy.

(The book cover images in tier one link to wordpress refused to link them when I made galleries for tiers 2 & 3 and I didn’t want to make the post ginormous).


Tier One: The series that I absolutely cannot get enough of. 

Rosemary and rue


I don’t think anyone will be surprised to see this one here. I’ve squeed and fangirled over this series so much on Twitter. I can’t fault it. And I want a Tybalt.








This one ignited my love of alchemy. The characters are wonderful and the alchemy itself is well thought out and delightful.




SPI Files urban fantasy recommendation


This one took me a little bit to get into the first book, but by the end I couldn’t wait to dive into the second book. This is a little closer to the traditional urban fantasy format than the previous two but I can’t get enough.





Owl Japanese Circus urban fantasy recommendation


Owl is a lot like a modern day Indiana Jones and I love her! This is a quick-paced adventurous series that’s so much fun. Her cat Captain is absolutely amazing too.







Tier Two: Series I really enjoyed. 

This post is getting a bit huge, so I’ve made the covers into a gallery with brief descriptions of my love for them in captions.



Tier Three: The books I enjoyed but feel like other people may enjoy more. 





I have tried a lot of the big name urban fantasy series but if they’re not on this list I didn’t click with them for one reason or another. The Dresden Files are waiting for me, I just have to be in the right mood to dive in. Others were too romance-focused, or in some cases verged on erotica in places. They appeal to lots of people, I’m just not one of them. 🙂




9 thoughts on “Urban Fantasy Series Recommendations.

    1. I figured that if people only have time, energy, or money for a couple then putting them into tiers helps with that decision 😀 I also want a Logan from Ella Summers’ Dragon Born series 😀

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  1. Reblogged this on Sleepy Book Dragon and commented:
    As folks know, I love the Benedict Jacka books! Currently reading Burned, the latest book. In the same vein, I would add the Rivers of London series by Ben Arronovitch and the Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud. They’re children’s books but they are still enjoyable.
    I read Preternatural Affairs a month or so ago but I still can’t quite make up my mind about it. That’s partly why I haven’t reviewed them yet. I do like the way S.M. Reine handles angels and demons but I just can’t quite put my finger on what I actually think about them.

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  2. You probably have tried Shades of Fury series, but I thought I would mention it in case you haven’t. I enjoyed the series and didn’t think there was a crazy amount of focus on the romance,

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