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End Of Month Wrap-Up

End Of Month Wrap-Up


This month was Camp NaNo. I admit I stopped updating the Camp site pretty early on. The opening to the month wasn’t great with regards to wordcount. I was editing Infernal Ties and it was a whole thing.

The latter half of this month has come together quite nicely though! I have Infernal Ties and Infernal Bonds up on Amazon for pre-order. 😀 Infernal Ties is only 99c and I’m so happy with the love and support you guys have given me with it! I’m kinda overwhelmed to be honest. This is its rank as of late Saturday. I’ve been careful to only look once a day, it can be easy to obsess over these things but this really did make me dance. Thank you!


IT Amazon Rank
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon UK

I wrote over 60,000 words on my fiction (mostly Infernal Alliances). I edited Infernal Ties and am some of the way through editing Witch InfernalInfernal Bonds is currently being wrapped up by my darling editor, I’ll go back and edit that once I’ve done Witch Infernal. It’s a bit of a whirlwind!

I’ve managed to squeeze some reading in there somewhere too. I celebrated the pre-orders going live by putting some more urban fantasy books on my kindle. I picked up Charming, book one in Pax Arcana. I’d been curious about this one for a while. It’s fun, quite light, with more angst in there than I expected. I’ll be reading book two.

On the topic of book twos, I’d been so, so, excited about SPI Files book two! I loved book one, it was a little slow to start but I loved it. Ugh book two has let me down. I’ve reached the 50% mark and letting it sit for the moment. It’s just not getting going and I’m so sad and so disappointed. 😦

I do have The Raven King to read, but I’m nervous, I’m not ready to let the series go! I’ve been avoiding spoilers and reactions as I probably won’t read it for a good month yet. I want to make sure I’m in a good place to I really enjoy it when I do read it.

I’m currently reading book one in the Dresden Files. I’m doing a very casual buddy read with Jen. This series has been taunting me for years. It’s the urban fantasy series and I’ve been meaning to read it forever. So it’s fun that I get to enjoy this experience with Jen!

On a non-book related note, it was so wonderfully spring here for a few days now we’re back in the depths of winter! I’ve been huddled up under layers of blankets for days. I’m ready for spring, with dresses, and flip-flops, and glorious sunshine. I only like the cold if it’s snowing, otherwise it’s horrible, and makes my knees hurt, and me grumpy. 😀

I’ve been watching Lucifer, I love it! Tom Ellis is gorgeous and so sinfully sexy. The writing is fantastic, and ugh, so much love for that series!! Speaking of love for a series, I watched episode one of The Night Manager and damn… Tom Hiddleston is just, and the actual filming… *swoon*. That show is just gorgeous to watch, it’s better than I expected and I expected a lot, because Tom.

In Summary:

This month got off to a bit of a slow and meh start but it’s really coming into its own now! There are amazing tv shows, fabulous books, and I have two books up for pre-order on Amazon! Squee thank you guys for a fantastic month, full of books and fangirling and laughter. You’re all amazing and I’d be lost without you.

If you’d like to know a bit more about Infernal Hunt the urban fantasy series that now has both book one, and book two available for pre-order on Amazon, there is now a page!

You can read the unedited Chapter one of Infernal Ties here, and the unedited Chapter One of Infernal Bonds here. They are currently being professionally edited.  

You can pre-order Infernal Ties for just 99c on Amazon. And Infernal Bonds is available for $2.99. Readers can start the series with either book.


Thank you again for the love and support! Tell me all about your month! Which books have you loved? Which have disappointed you? What about tv shows? Tell me all!







7 thoughts on “End Of Month Wrap-Up

  1. I’m glad that this turned out to be such an exciting month for you! So much happening and all good! I need to watch Night Manager. I started watching Lucifer and so far so very good 🙂
    Hope May turns out to be a wonderful month as well ❤

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  2. Last month was somewhat manic for me, too. I did NaNo for the first time and failed miserably – but that’s entirely because I finished my final edit on Rise of the Sparrows and converted the whole thing for paperback publishing AND eBook publishing! I did get a lot done, my NaNo progress page just doesn’t realise it 😛 Well done on everything you’ve accomplished! I’m so excited for your books! ❤

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