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Infernal Hunt Character Study: Kadrix

Urban fantasy pansexual elf


We’re now counting down to the full release of the Infernal Hunt books! Infernal Ties is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, for just 99c! With that in mind, I thought it was about time to introduce you to the main characters of my beloved urban fantasy series.

First up we have Kadrix. Now you probably expected me to start this little series with Evie, given she’s the protagonist. I’m pretty sure none of you are actually surprised to see I started with Kadrix. Dear, snarky, pain in the ass, Kadrix. 😀

Kadrix is a pansexual elf, and an alchemist. He was supposed to be a minor character in Infernal Ties and that was that. However! He quickly took on a (rather large) life of his own and became a firm main character throughout the series. I really shouldn’t be surprised. There’s either a gay or pansexual elf in every one of my urban fantasy series, it’s become a bit of a thing.

Kadrix makes me laugh, as an elf his view on the world, and his social skills are a little… different. This is probably my favourite Kadrix moment:

Kadrix Line

(Excuse the colours that’s taken from the draft that’s currently being edited).

He’s a big personality, he’s also rather easy on the eyes.

Kadrix stands at some six foot tall, with long pale-blond hair, and bright blue-green eyes. He’s slender, with a cupid’s bow mouth, and long elegant fingers. Being an elf he has the striking and beautiful bone-structure that catches your eye, whether you want it to or not. Don’t let that fool you, he also has sharp teeth. Elves, like all forms of fae, are predatory.

As a character he’s very sharp, he thinks nothing of putting people in their place and can be a little callous at times. He feels quite deeply, though you wouldn’t know it most of the time. Alchemy is his real passion. As a well-bred elf from a very prestigious and powerful bloodline, his family don’t approve of his love of alchemy. That of course only fuels it. He’s never had any interest in boring politics. He loves getting his hands dirty and unraveling mysteries and challenges. He learns and experiments purely for the sake of learning.

Away from his alchemy he’s fiercely loyal and an astute businessman. Elves deal in sacrifices. If you want something from them, you must sacrifice something. What you sacrifice depends on the deal, it can be time, money, a lock of hair, a kiss, blood, the list is endless. No matter what deal is struck, you can be quite sure that Kadrix came out of it better than the other person. It may look as though he lost initially, but he thinks ahead, and he keeps his fingers firmly on the pulse of the city.

On the surface Kadrix appears to be a snarky, sharp, brusque alchemist with poor social skills. Below that is a character that I’ve really grown to love. He feels so deeply, so intensely. He’d do anything to keep those he cares about safe.

I suspect that Kadrix will steal the show. I do hope you guys love him as much as I do.


If you’re looking for a new urban fantasy read, then you can pre-order Infernal Ties for just 99c on Amazon! Infernal Bonds (book 2) is available for pre-order for $2.99.

Thanks for your love and support everyone. It means the world to me.




6 thoughts on “Infernal Hunt Character Study: Kadrix

  1. Every time I hear more about Kadrix, I grow fonder of him! I can’t wait to get to know him better through the book series! I also love how you’re doing these little intros. Thanks for sharing them! It’s definitely building the anticipation ❤

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