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List: Fantasy Permafrees.


I’ve met a few wonderful people who’re very new to reading fantasy. I adore giving book recommendations and I love fantasy. Fantasy is my primary genre to read, I write urban fantasy, it’s a thing. Now it can be really hard to break into a new genre, there’s so much there, and all those sub-categories and sub-genres, it’s hard! It can also be expensive. You want to try new things, but how do you know if it’s worth $4?

That’s where this list comes in! I have put together a list of permafree fantasy books, all of which are the first in a series, so you can explore this wonderful genre without fear! I have either read, or am familiar with the author of, all of these books. Some of them are boxsets so I’m only familiar with a couple of the authors by name. There is a reasonable range of fantasy types here, but there is a strong urban fantasy leaning, because that’s my love. You will however find a bit of steampunk and some epic fantasy in there too.

Without further ado, the list! Now I’ll admit that this really is just a list with the title and link because I don’t have it in me to format all of those blurbs and covers. The links go to

Now definitely without any further ado, the list!


  1. Justice Calling by Annie Bellet – Urban Fantasy. 
  2. The Final Formula by Becca Andre – Urban Fantasy (And one of my favourite series!)
  3. Bring The Fire by C. Gockel – Urban Fantasy
  4. Preternatural Affairs Books 1 – 3 by S.M. Reine – Urban Fantasy
  5. Descent Books 1 – 3 by S.M. Reine – Urban Fantasy
  6. Balanced On A Blades Edge by Lindsay Buroker – Steampunk
  7. Flash Gold by Linsay Buroker – Steampunk
  8. Dark Angel by Christine Pope – Paranormal Romance
  9. A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter – Paranormal Romance
  10. Blood Of Requiem by Daniel Arenson – Epic Fantasy
  11. Moth by Daniel Arenson – Epic Fantasy
  12. Beyond The Veil by Pippa DaCosta – Urban Fantasy
  13. Red Hot Steele by Alex P. Berg – Urban Fantasy


Multi-Author Boxsets. 

  1. Gods And Mortals – 11 books focused on gods and such – Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.
  2. Legends – 15 books – Epic Fantasy and Sword and Sorcery. 
  3. Quest – 8 books – A mix of Steampunk, Epic Fantasy, and Sword and Sorcery. 



If I remember then I’ll pop back and add to this list when I either find myself, or other people recommend permafrees to add to this list.

Happy reading!









10 thoughts on “List: Fantasy Permafrees.

  1. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of those SM Reine books, I’ve read her six moon summer series and wanted to check more of her stuff!

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