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Infernal Hunt Character Study: Lysander

Character Study Lysander Infernal Hunt Hellhound Urban Fantasy


We’re now counting down to the full release of the Infernal Hunt books! Infernal Ties is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, for just 99c! With that in mind, I thought it was about time to introduce you to the main characters of my beloved urban fantasy series.

Lysander is one of the main characters in the Infernal Hunt series. He’s a wonderfully complicated character that became so much more than I initially expected, I love him to bits. Truth be told I love all of these characters, I’ll be really sad to say goodbye when the time comes. As I was saying…

Lysander is a hellhound. I debated giving him one of these character posts, but given how much I’ve spoken about him I don’t think it counts as a spoiler. If it does, well, it’s a bit late now! Anyway. Lysander’s a hellhound. It’s hard to pick out lines that really show off his personality without spoilers.


Lysander hellhound line

Lysander hellhound urban fantasy


Lysander’s a complex character with a dark history. He’s also sexy as sin. He stands at some 6ft, with thick dark hair, long enough to run your fingers through, and sparkling indigo coloured eyes. His build is athletic, lean, and strong. He looks damn fine in just about anything he throws on. Ahem.

My cover artist did a good job of finding a guy that fits the bill for the cover of Infernal Bonds:

Infernal Bonds urban fantasy


There’s a lot more to him than that sex-appeal. He’s intelligent, fiercely protective, and very good at taking down anything that might be thinking about threatening those he cares about. He’s also sweet, gentle, and really quite broken thanks to his history. Add in a strong paternal instinct, and you have my dear hellhound.

He’s another one that surprised me. His history wasn’t supposed to be quite as dark as it is, but given he’s a hellhound and the infernal realms aren’t exactly light and fluff, it makes sense. That being said, it’s given him a strong desire for freedom and a determination to hold onto what happiness he’s managed to claw out for himself. He isn’t defined by his past, but as with us all, it has left a clear mark on him.


If you’re looking for a new urban fantasy read, then you can pre-order Infernal Ties for just 99c on Amazon! Infernal Bonds (book 2) is available for pre-order for $2.99.

Thanks for your love and support everyone. It means the world to me.





2 thoughts on “Infernal Hunt Character Study: Lysander

  1. Oh dear! Another great intro to another intriguing character! Lysander sounds rather amazing 🙂 You do such a great job of building hype for your novels. My patience is starting to run out… ;P
    Thanks for sharing 😀

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