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Mad May!

mad May urban fantasy writing



May is looking a little bit hectic over here in Evans Towers. I’m elbow deep in edits on both my own Infernal Hunt books and clients books. Oh and I’m trying to write a couple of other Infernal Hunt related books too. I might try and slip in some of my other urban fantasy works in progress too…

Edits are going very well on the Infernal Hunt books, it’s a bit intense though! I’ve put a tally chart together so I can keep a track of who’s edited which books, which type of edit, and how many times. It’s getting serious over here. lol

Editing Tally urban fantasy


I will have my current pass of Witch Infernal done by tomorrow if everything goes well. That means I then have six days to go through Michael’s edits on Infernal Bonds and get those back to him. From there I’ll go back to Infernal Ties and go back over that. Once I’ve done that I should have a couple of days breather before I have to go back over Witch Infernal.

I’m hoping to use those couple of days to play with some writing. I’m 95% through the draft 0.5 on Infernal Alliances (book 4). It’s a very quick and loose draft, I usually write very tight first drafts but this one is big, there’s a lot of pressure there. So I’m throwing out the bones, then I’ll go back and flesh it out.

I’ve also begun screwing around with an idea that just will not leave me alone. I was joking around with my BFF about a cast of teens set after Infernal Hunt had been wrapped up. It has grown, and grown. There’s potential for a couple of entire series there! I’ve dabbled with the opening of a book, I’ve shared it at the bottom there. It’s rough, it’s very different for me, but I love the cast and plot idea. So we’ll see.

Oh, oh, ooohhhh!! I sent the second draft version of Infernal Ties over to my darling twin Mollie, and she loved it! I got a grabby hands gif for Infernal Bonds and everything. *So much happy dancing*


Kicking Ass Baby


On the topic of readers, I will be looking for ARC readers at the end of this month. For those unfamiliar with the term, an ARC is an Advanced Reviewer Copy. I’ll send them out to people who’re interested in the genre and these books in return for an honest review to be posted on Amazon within 7 days of the official release. If you’re interested, do let me know! I’ll have both .mobi (kindle copy) and .epub (everything else) available.

Oh I’ve finally set up a mailing list for my urban fantasy! I’m only going to send out emails when I either have a new release, or one of the books goes on sale. I don’t want to clog up people’s inboxes. If you’d like to sign up you can right here. I also now have a shiny Goodreads author account, and the first two Infernal Hunt books are on Goodreads! It’s getting exciting, everything’s coming together!

Speaking of Goodreads, sort of… I go there to add books to my tbr shelf. I’ve started reading The Shadow Revolution by Clay and Susan Griffth. It’s an urban fantasy set in Victorian times, I’ve been looking forward to reading it for a while. We’ll see how I get on with it. I did do a buddy read with the lovely Jen of book 1 in the Dresden Files and was awfully disappointed. I got to 50% and put it down. I get the impression that as it’s an older urban fantasy series, it’s closer to the noir roots of the genre and it just wasn’t for me.

I got my hands on Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart A Doorway – I read the excerpt when the cover was revealed and fell madly in love. Ms. McGuire is quickly becoming one of my auto-buy authors. She wrote the October Daye series that I adore so much. I can’t wait to read this book, the writing is glorious, and the topic is interesting.

On a non-book and writing related note – the weather is picking up! There are so many mature lilac trees in the city, I love lilac it’s one of my favourite scents, so the city smells absolutely divine. There’s nothing quite like sitting on a bench, surrounded by that scent, relaxing as the city goes by. Have I told you how much I love Prague?

So there we have it! I am deep in edits in a number of books and I hope to add to that number by writing some more! Now I did say that I’d share the opening of this YA post-Infernal Hunt story I’ve been toying with. It’s rough, it’s completely unedited. It’s also potentially outside of canon or alternate universe, given I haven’t finished writing the canon yet I can’t confirm or deny anything.




We’d been in London for a total of three hours. Of course the majority of that time was spent in the airport. Pax had insisted that we go out to a bar, he gave some line about enjoying our two weeks of freedom. We all knew that he just wanted to show how cool and rebellious he was. Selene had made a show of putting on her mother’s ritual lipstick while practically shoving her ass in Pax’s face, not that he’d noticed.

The bar had a comfortable and oddly familiar feel to it. Dark wooden tables were scattered throughout the rectangular room. The bar itself was made of yet more dark wood, and the bar staff all wore well practised scowls. Bridgid’s phone buzzed for the second time since we’d walked into the bar as we all sat down around the only free table in the place. The exit was within clear sight and we weren’t too close to any windows. The closest thing to a threat was a small cluster of half-breed fae, but they were tucked up the far corner playing cards.

Bridgid tossed her phone into her purse with an eye roll, we both knew it was Mum checking to make sure we’d landed ok. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and kept it under the table as I sent her a quick text, she’d only fret otherwise. Pax made a show of leaning back in his chair, pushing it back onto its back two legs. His black T-shirt rode up showing off the abs he’d put so much work into toning. Selene licked her lips as she watched, he was looking elsewhere. Connor and I glanced at each other, he gave a small smirk. We all knew that Pax had gotten what he wanted out of Selene, and tossed her away without another thought. What we didn’t know was why she kept desperately trying to get him back. She was a pretty girl, her hair looked better in its natural white blond but she’d dyed it black. Her silver eyes were sharp and eye-catching, she could have anyone she wanted with her willowy figure. I shook my head, it was none of my business.

A particularly harried looking waiter came over, his black shirt was stained with something equally dark and his hair was sticking up at interesting angles. A wooden smile sat on his lips as he looked around our group expectantly. “Twelve shots.” Pax said with a grin.

“Just a coke for me.” Mia said quietly.

Selene shook her head and put her hand on her sister’s, “We’re on holiday sis.” She turned to the waiter, “She’ll have two mud slides.”

The waiter made a note before looking back at Pax. “Twelve shots of whatever catches your eye.” Pax said with a shrug.

The waiter exhaled slowly through his nose, he was clearly having one of those nights, and Pax was only going to make it worse. Mia’s hands fidgeted on the table, her eyes kept flicking to the sky blue lipstick Selene had plastered on. “That’s supposed to be reserved for the rituals, it’s sacred.” Mia finally said, her eyes cast down.

Selene huffed. “It’s a lipstick, anyway, it brings out my eyes.” She said glancing over at Pax.

Everyone was on edge. It was a new city and our first adventure away from home. Connor kept watching Mia as she twisted her hands back and forth. Pax looked around the room, his tongue flicking out over his sharp teeth. Bridgid made a show of slouching in her chair and crossing her arms, she kept her eye on everyone. She was so much like Mum, that was probably why they didn’t get along.

The shots were placed down in the middle of the table without a word. Selene quickly gave Mia the mudslides, she acted as if she didn’t give a damn about her baby sister but if you watched you could see the small gestures. Pax grabbed the lurid green shots, no doubt thinking they were the fae spirit Suir. The scent of them cut over the rest, they were nothing more than knock off absinthe. I took a vodka shot and an ouzo. Pax didn’t wait on the rest of us, he did the shots in quick succession then shook his head and blinked rapidly. I held back a laugh, his ego was delicate enough and I didn’t want to start a fight.

The rest of us lifted our shots and grinned before we downed them. The liquor was cheap and burned all the way down, my face twisted at the awful tastes. I missed Becherovka, the Czech herbal liquor, it was superior to the brake cleaner they called vodka. “What are we doing while we’re here?” Bridgid asked the group.

“We are not bar surfing.” I said to Pax firmly.

He curled his lip at me but his focus was elsewhere. “There are some interesting museums and lots of culture.” Connor said.

Selene and Bridgid laughed. “Seriously? We’re in a whole different country to our parents for two weeks, and you want to see museums?” Selene said.

Connor shrugged and smiled. Pax’s gaze had been fixed on the other side of the room for the past minute, I followed it and saw an odd looking girl. Just what we didn’t need, him chasing some tail.


Dividing Line


There we have it my darlings! I’m elbow deep in so many edits and various books at the moment, it’s a bit mad, but it’s a good kind of madness. Don’t forget that you can pre-order Infernal Ties for just 99c! I’m so incredibly excited about this series. Thank you all for the amazing support and love you’ve shown me, it means the world to me. I’m so grateful and happy to be surrounded by such amazing, lovely people.




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  1. So much exciting news! I would definitely love to be an ARC reader. If you’re in need, just ask 🙂
    Also, the excerpt is intriguing! You have such a great writing style that is easy and entertaining to read!
    Best of luck with those edits!

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