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Audio Recording Of Infernal Ties Ch. One.

I found some confidence somewhere and I recorded chapter one of Infernal Ties. The recording isn’t perfect, I had to do it on husband’s phone as my laptop was being a fool. Anyway!


For those who’d rather read, here’s the transcript. Please keep in mind that this will have two more rounds of copy editing yet.




Something was wrong. I could feel it.


The pink encroached on the greys of the morning, and he still wasn’t home. I clenched and unclenched my hands as I looked out over the red roofs of the city. He could have gotten side-tracked with some girl on his way home, but my gut told me otherwise. I paced around our large living room and tried to tell myself that it was an easy task, my dear twin could handle himself. It was only a rogue lycan, one he’d dealt with previously. I glanced at the front door again, hoping to hear his familiar footsteps. Nothing. I’d never been one to believe in psychic abilities, despite what I’d seen from the fae and witches of the city. Yet, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something had happened to Quin.

Pacing wasn’t going to help anything. I resigned myself to trying to sleep, it was going to be a long night. I reassured myself that we’d be laughing about it over drinks in the evening. The set of six throwing knives, each with a different coloured hilt caught my eye. It was foolish at that point, but it made me feel a little better. I picked up the pink-hilted knife with the elegant red swirls inlaid into the hot pink enamel. A smile crept across my lips unbidden as I pictured his face upon seeing my message. With more force than I intended I turned and threw the knife at the cabinet just a few feet inside of the front door. It sank into the soft pine with a satisfying thunk.

Each knife had a meaning, a way of leaving messages to the other. Pink meant “Do not leave this flat, you’re in the shit.”

We usually hung them on the small black hook screwed into the end of the cabinet facing the front door. I couldn’t resist though, I had to make my point clear. He had me worried sick. He’d never vanished without warning before. I sighed feeling satisfied that there was nothing to do before the afternoon. I’d need my wits about me. With one last glance at the knife buried in the wood, I headed to bed.


** **


The flat felt empty without him. We hadn’t spent more than a couple of days apart since we were born, we didn’t have anyone else. We relied on each other, and he needed me. I pulled on a pair of jeans and knee high boots, spring in Prague was a fickle thing. I could almost hear Quin laughing at me and trying to lecture me when I grabbed a pastry for breakfast as I headed out the door. He always insisted that a good breakfast was key. It weighed heavily on me when I slipped his little pouch of iron filings onto my belt, and vial of wolfsbane into my pocket. I was supposed to carry the blades while he screwed around with the alchemy. He wasn’t an alchemist but he would dearly love to be one, he learnt everything he could from the alchemists. I couldn’t deny that some useful things had come from it. Still, the alchemical things were his domain. It wasn’t right for me to carry it.

I jogged down the flights of stairs, my footsteps echoing off the high ceilings. I couldn’t help but admire the detailing on the ceilings around me, never stop looking up in Prague, there’s always a new piece of beautiful architecture to see. I kept telling myself that he was in bed with some local beauty, he’d just lost track of time. I ran my fingers down the leather sheathes holding my knives, just in case. Things were prone to getting bloody once the sun set.

The tram started off down the tracks just as the stop came into sight. I cursed under my breath and wished for the millionth time that we had a car. The city wasn’t made for cars though, it would be more of a pain than it was worth. I sat down on the wooden bench and crossed my arms over my chest as I waited for the next one. They were usually quite regular. My impatience kept building though, I tapped my foot waiting for the familiar whining rumble of the next tram. The idea that the city should know what was going on, and bend to my will popped into my mind. I smiled to myself, the image was a foolish consideration.

My wait wasn’t long, and I was soon sat on an uncomfortable bright red plastic seat. Some of my anxiety was soothed by the passing of the trees that were starting to turn green again. Faces stared out at me from the architecture. Angels guarded spires. They looked fearsome in armour with large swords, a reminder that this city had been home for the paranormal since its birth. Quin had said he was going after the rogue that he’d tracked and released before. I remembered the conversation clearly, I’d told him to kill the damn thing at the time. He had some sob story for it though. They were beasts, the moment they stepped out of line they had to be put down. Yet he cared far more for the magical side of the city than I ever did. It was part of what made us work as hunters. We balanced each other.

I kept that in mind as I got off the tram and headed to Cafe Silhouette, the preferred hangout of the pack the rogue had originally belonged to. They seemed like a sensible starting point. Rogue or not, they were likely to watch out for him. Once pack, always pack, until death do them part or some shit. I pulled my hand away from my sheath and covered the head of the hilt with my leather jacket when a normal human gave me an odd look. I ignored her and carried on down to the cafe. They had a habit of calling bars cafes in Prague. I didn’t believe Silhouette had ever served coffee, and yet, the cafe name stuck.


If you enjoyed that then you can pre-order Infernal Ties for just 99c on Amazon!


Thanks as always for your love and support.




11 thoughts on “Audio Recording Of Infernal Ties Ch. One.

  1. You read that so very well! Your words are clear and your voice is rather lovely to listen to!
    I love the line: spring in Prague is a fickle thing.
    What a fun idea. And it completely pays off!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I feel really weird reading out loud but I thought that as I hide behind a fox avatar people might appreciate this. I’m so glad you liked it 😀


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