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Infernal Hunt Character Study: Elise

CharacterStudy Elise


We’re now counting down to the full release of the Infernal Hunt books! Infernal Ties is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, for just 99c! With that in mind, I thought it was about time to introduce you to the main characters of my beloved urban fantasy series.

Elise is a cornerstone of the Infernal Hunt books. She’s Evie’s best friend and rock. Where Evie is a hunter Elise is a priestess of the moon goddess. Priests and priestesses in the Infernal Hunt world are widely respected and powerful, they regularly speak with their deities. The moon goddess in particular expects a lot from her priestesses, this means that Elise is a highly-trained warrior. That being said, she’s also very wise, kind, and all around wonderful best friend for Evie.

It would be easy to think Elise weak and fragile given she stands at some 5’4 and has a very slender waif-like figure. Her almost white-blonde hair falls most of the way down her back and she’s often in her full priestess garb of a full-length white dress, sky-blue lipstick, and eyeshadow to bring out her silver eyes. She moves with a predatory grace though, that shows there’s much more to her than a delicate little priestess.

Elise has no magic of her own, but she works very closely with her lady (the moon goddess) and can call on her magic via chants, rituals, and prayer. That allows her to keep the city in balance and banish unnecessary darkness. She doesn’t rely on her magic though, she’s a trained fighter and regularly spars with Evie and others. She’s perfectly capable of going toe to toe with the biggest hitters of the supernal underworld.

Away from the aggression and fighting side, Elise is a sweet, loving woman. She cares deeply about her little family and enjoys long chats with Evie on a range of topics. Elise is wise and often gives intelligent advice and sound instruction when it’s required. She grew up with Evie, they met when they were teenagers, but Elise can often seem far older than her years. I think we all need an Elise in our lives 😀


If you’re looking for a new urban fantasy read, then you can pre-order Infernal Ties for just 99c on Amazon! Infernal Bonds (book 2) is available for pre-order for $2.99.




2 thoughts on “Infernal Hunt Character Study: Elise

  1. Elise sounds like a beautiful character. Priestess of the moon goddess sounds like something right up my alley (I have a deep love for Artemis). I cannot wait to discover her in the series ❤
    As always, these character studies are so much fun! Discovering your eclectic cast is a joy!

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