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20 Things About Me Tag!




The wonderful Jen tagged me into this!

20 Facts About Me.

  1. I am terrified of ball pits and quick sand. Logically I know I can’t drown in a ball pit, but I still hate being in them.
  2. My two big comfort foods are fish’n’chips with curry sauce, and Thai red curry (separately).
  3. My favourite flowers are lavender and thistles (not sure if they really count, but I love bouquets of them).
  4. My most hated trope is the delicate, dainty, little human woman who’s the alpha of the big-bad-super-macho-and-hyper-aggressive lycan/werewolf pack. I will throw a book if I see that in there.
  5. I am very definitely, absolutely, a tea and coffee snob. And a bit of a scotch snob. Not ashamed 😛
  6. I love the Jurassic Park films, and the books that they came from. The books are very different, but they’re both fantastic in their own right in my mind.
  7. This whole being an author thing didn’t even cross my mind until my mid-20’s.
  8. I’m turning 30 on July 31st and I’m terrified – that’s what’s been driving me to make Infernal Hunt the best it can be and really get the ball rolling with this author thing.
  9. The books that best describe me (according to husband and friends) are The Call Of The Wild and White Fang. Read into that what you will lol
  10. I’m only 5’2. I struggle to see over some bars and have to stand on the foot bar so the barman can see me properly.
  11. I feel like I’m the only extroverted writer in existence. I see introverts everywhere. Don’t get me wrong I love my introverted friends but it’s a bit of an odd feeling.
  12. I’m an ENTJ – the personality summary is absolutely on point 😁. (
  13. My favourite colour was always electric blue or indigo until I moved here, now it’s blood red. I feel like it fits my personality better.
  14. Nearly all of my happiest memories have occurred near the sea. The coast is my happy place.
  15. I’m a polytheistic pagan (Chaote).
  16. My guilty pleasure films include The Covenant, Sweet Home Alabama, and Eight Legged Freaks.
  17. My music tastes are really eclectic. I listen to most types of music, from classical, to D&B, to pop, to rock, to metal, and so on. Electronic is my usual go to though with rock just behind it.
  18. I LOVE to dance. Dancing is pure happiness. If I didn’t have stupid knees I’d love to learn to dance and really pursue it. I’d particularly love to do ballet, salsa, and tango.
  19. I’m just as happy climbing trees, playing in mud, and taking apart 4x4s as I am in high heels, a pretty dress, and a high end restaurant or social setting.
  20. I used to play the piano and have done (small) concerts as a pianist, but I haven’t played properly in a few years now.


Everyone. I want to hear from everyone!


My brain’s fried, I don’t have it in me to insert all the links for everyone. So please consider yourself tagged if you’re reading this!!




15 thoughts on “20 Things About Me Tag!

  1. Fish and chips. Mmmmm. I’m 5’2 as well! \o/ You were a pianist? That’s soo cool! I’ve just started learning, I’m on to sharps and flats now.

    I am not a tea snob at all. I buy the cheapest ones, unless it’s supermarket brand. I’m not that bad.

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that most readers/writers seem to be introverts along with being shy or having anxiety issues. I guess a lot turn to these to let out the emotions or experience things they’d never feel brave enough to do, myself included.

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    1. Yep, my grandmother was a pianist and had a piano, and Mum knew some so when I wanted to learn an instrument at 5 or so piano it was. “We have a piano, you can learn that.” lol I had about 10 years of lessons before I became too focused on horses and quit. I’d like to play for fun but it’s hard to fit a piano in a flat and I despise the soft light keys of keyboards lol

      I have a whole host of mental issues and that dark past, so maybe I make up for my extroversion with those? 😛

      I have to admit that I really wasn’t fussy about tea when I was in England. I had some I preferred, I wasn’t a big fan of Yorkshire tea. But then I got here, and tried really nice loose-leaf tea, and never looked back. Same with coffee, I’m not touching instant again.


  2. What a fantastic list of facts! So much to learn about you 🙂
    I love fish ‘n’ chips! Whenever I go out with friends, it’s the first thing I look for on the menu ;D
    I feel like the ocean always brings me happiness and I would love to live on the coast. I feel like I could be inspired to write something really profound if I could wake up to dawn breaking over the waters and just write.
    Thanks for sharing all these amazing things about you! It’s a joy to get to know more about the amazing person you are ❤

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  3. Thistles count as flowers – they are Scotland’s symbol 😉
    This tag has been everywhere recently! I’m not helping things by doing it next week 😀
    I loved your answers, it’s such fun getting to know people like this!

    Liked by 1 person

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