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Book Boyfriends!

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I think it’s only natural to fall a little bit (or madly head over heels) in love with some of the characters we read about. We spend so much time with them, in their world, living their lives. Therefore, book boyfriends are a natural, and thus wonderful thing 😀

First up has to be Lysander from my Infernal Hunt books. Yes I know he’s my character, but he’s so swoon worthy! He’s tall, dark, and handsome. Standing at some 5’11, with thick dark hair, indigo eyes, high cheekbones, a little stubble, and a body to die for. Oh it doesn’t stop there! He’s also an absolute sweetheart, loyal to a fault, but knows when to put his foot down and stop his love from being a fool. He’s protective but not suffocating, affectionate. Ah my dear hellhound. 😀

Next is Finn from my dear twin’s romance serial Nerves. You can (and absolutely should because OMG I’m hooked and I don’t normally read romance!) read it here.  Finn is another sweetheart. He’s very clearing caring and has a good sense of humour. Mollie’s been kind enough to show me pictures and he’s damn fine! Ahem. He comes across as the classic guy next door, with that slightly dorky thing about him. He needs hugs, and kisses, and yea. He’s a real gentleman, the classic absolute sweetie. 😀

On the less sweetheart front there’s Tybalt from October Daye series. Tybalt is the king of cats. He has the fantastic predatory thing that I love, absolutely unwavering confidence, and a quick-wit. He’s also clearly protective over those he cares about and willing to really push the boat out when it’s needed. He’s sharp, closed off, and the perfect sparring partner.

Then there’s Kell from the Shades Of Magic series. He’s so angsty! Don’t give me that look, I’m a sucker for some angst lol. He’s intelligent, determined, and loyal to those he loves. He can also kick ass and has a good strategic mind.

Oh Oh and there’s Ian from the SPI Files! He’s all brooding and kick-ass. He’s the classic closed off because he has a dark background thing. Of course under that he’s a gooey sweetheart with a huge romantic streak. He’s another one with dark hair and a tight body, there’s a theme here…

Really, when you get down to it, I like strong (in all senses of the word) male characters, who are usually aggressive, quite often predatory, protective, intelligent, angsty, and when you get down to it sweet. I’m a big personality, (ENTJ), I’m domineering, aggressive, hot-headed, stubborn as all sweet … I like the idea of a male character that can stand up to me and be my equal.


Tell me about your book boyfriends! You know that I love brooding, angsty, kick-ass, dark-haired men. What about you??

If you’d like to see if Lysander is your next book boyfriend you can pre-order Infernal Bonds here. Not sure? You can see how sexy he is on the cover here 😉

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