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Urban Fantasy Recommendations – June Additions.

Urban Fantasy series recommendations



I have added three new series to my Urban Fantasy recommendations list (you can see the complete list here).

I don’t really write reviews these days for reasons, but I thought it’d be a good idea to explain a little bit of why I added these three series. 🙂 The links all go to the Goodreads page for book one in the series where you can read the blurb and such.



urban fantasy series recommendations Incryptid


First up there’s Seanan McGuire’s Incrytid series. 

At this point Ms. McGuire is on my auto-buy list. I adore her October Daye series, Every Heart A Doorway is a gorgeous book, and now I love Incryptid. 

The Incryptid series is written in a lighter tone than the October Daye books. They follow Valerie Price, a crytozoologist with the mission to study and protect the cryptids of North America. She’s also a ballroom dancer, and all around fun, kick-ass female protagonist. The pacing is nice and quick, with plenty of good world-building and character development. The overall tone is reasonably light and fun. All around it’s a quick, easy read that’s great for picking my mood up. I’ll definitely be re-reading it.

It should be noted that the protagonist shifts over from Valerie to her brother Alex in book three. Personally, I much preferred Valerie’s point of view (I love the romantic subplot, it was just too much fun!) and am glad to see it’s returned to Valerie in the latest book. I devoured her books, I pretty much read them in two sittings. I was a little slower with Alex’s book (I’ve yet to read his second one) but still definitely enjoyed it. I found Alex’s book to be a little flatter, it lacked the dynamic personality that I loved in Valerie’s books. Still, excellent books with fantastic world-building.


urban fantasy series recommendations CurseWorkers


Next up is Holly Black’s Curse Workers trilogy. I’ll admit I don’t usually read YA, but I’d heard great things about this series and the blurb called to me. So I picked it up and wasn’t disappointed.

I found the writing really engaging and easy to fall into. It pulled me in and even though I wasn’t one hundred percent into the plot initially I just had to keep reading. Overall, this is a well-done plot with a relatively quick pace. It’s not quite as light and fun as some of my other recommendations, but it’s certainly not dark or overly complex either. I know that some people have found the plot difficult to follow because the author poses questions and peels back layers in an interesting manner, but I personally enjoyed it.

The characters were fun. I found them to be engaging, they all had clear voices and personalities. They came together really nicely to form a satisfying story. I’ll read book two at some point, while I did enjoy it, and I thought the world was fantastic, it didn’t grip me enough to dive into book two straight away.


urban fantasy series recommendations Mercy thompson


Last up we have the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Now this is one of those big name urban fantasy series that everyone raves about. I tried to read book one twice before I finally got into it this time. It’s one of the must reads for urban fantasy authors. Despite what the cover might suggest, book one has little to no romance, or no sex.

When I did get past the opening chapter (the chapters are long!) I actually fell into it and read it quite quickly. The writing style is engaging, it pulled me along nicely. I have to admit I’m back and forth on whether this should stay in the “books I liked” category, or move down into the “books I recommend but feels others will like more” category.

I like the werewolf stuff, but I adore shifters and related critters. The body language and all is great, but again, I love all of that stuff. The plot itself is weak. It built up to something that should have been a big finale, but I was very definitely let down. It all crumbled and felt a bit meh. The characters are distinct enough, and the world is clearly very well thought out.

It’s a nice easy read. It’s something I can fall into when I don’t want to think too much, and truth be told it’s probably better if I don’t think too much. Mercy herself is an interesting take on the strong female protagonist. She’s not a big mean alpha, she has weaknesses, but she uses what she has. All in all, I’ll continue reading the series, but it’s not going to leap to the top of my recommendations list any time soon. I was definitely expecting quite a bit more given how many people absolutely adore this series.


If you’re looking for a new urban fantasy series to read, then check out my page full of recommendations! I’m updating the list as I find new and awesome series. I’m open to recommendations, but will not add any series to the list unless I have read and thoroughly enjoyed at least book one myself. Oh and don’t forget, you can pick up book one in my new urban fantasy series Infernal Hunt for just 99c on Amazon!





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  1. And the TBR keeps growing! I keep hearing a lot about Briggs, but I’ve been avoiding the Mercy Thompson, because I’m worried about the overhype. Maybe I’ll rethink my decision now! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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