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3 Years In Prague.

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Three years ago today I boarded a plane to a city I’d never visited with plans of setting up a new life there. I’d quit my stable part-time job, I’d shut down my businesses as a riding instructor and dog trainer. I’d sold my horses, and ended a seven year relationship.

I’m a country girl. I grew up on the very edge of a small village surrounded by fields and woodlands. I hadn’t spent more than a few hours in any city and I certainly hadn’t stopped over night in one. I also hadn’t visited Prague, or even looked up pictures online. I’d been trying to learn Czech for some six months, and failed, miserably. I still can’t speak more than ten words, I’ve officially given up.

I got off that plane and began my shiny new life, crashing on the sofa of a friend (he would later become my husband). The culture shock wasn’t actually as bad as I’d expected. I adapted pretty quickly to the noise of the city, the trams and public transport took some getting used to, and food shopping was an adventure, but I loved every second.

The moment I got off that plane I knew I was home. I can’t quite put it into words. My heart leapt for joy. It was home. It’s still home.

It’s been an interesting three years. There have been ups and downs. I got a bad case of carbon monoxide poisoning, and with my asthma, that meant I stopped breathing quite a few times. I came really close to passing out and not waking up. My landlord at the time felt that was due reason to illegally evict us.

Sometimes this city is infuriating. There’s clear sexism here, and racism. Sometimes I’ll complain on Twitter when something bugs me, but the positives outweigh the negatives by a long shot. I love this city. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yes not being able to speak the language is a pain in my ass. Yes the little old ladies with their huge attitudes bug me. Yes I crave some nice English food. But none of that is relevant because every time I look out the window I’m flooded with happiness. Every time I step outside I have to smile, even if only for a moment, because dear gods this city!

It’s beautiful, it’s incredible. The architecture alone is reason to come and visit, it’s stunning. I know I’m being an awful writer, I can’t put it into words. Well I can. I can put it into one word.






4 thoughts on “3 Years In Prague.

  1. I know exactly what you mean, that’s what I felt when I came here for the first time. Home. ❤ I'll try not to spam your accounts with all this delicious english food I've got 😛
    There's racism and sexism everywhere. If the city feels like home, then that's just a part of it but it's one you can ignore, and see past. The important thing is that you're happy, and that you've found your forever home.

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    1. The sexism here is more pronounced than I had in England. I had to get husband to deal with a lawyer because he wouldn’t deal with me, one of the building management men won’t even look at me. It’s very old fashioned here, but they’re making progress & it’s not really day to day. 🙂

      I’d love some fish’n’chips!! lol


  2. What an amazing journey! And a beautiful story. That you view Prague as home is such an incredible thing! To think that three years ago you changed your life completely and that it paid off. There are so many things in life that could make us better people, but we’re often too afraid to take those steps. Thanks for reminding us that we need to be brave and make our lives our own!
    I hope that Prague keeps being your home, and that you keep finding happiness even amidst the downfalls!

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