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A Writer’s Mind During A Book Launch.

Look Into Urban Fantasy Author's Mind


I had to choose an image with lots of colour because that’s how my mind works – colour and chaos. 😀

I’m pretty sure you’re aware that I’m currently doing the run up to the launch of my new urban fantasy series Infernal Hunt. Now this isn’t my first series launch, but it’s the one with the most pressure on it. There’s a lot riding on the success (or failure) of these books.

Yesterday I sent out the ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) of book one Infernal Ties. I’m pretty sure that I come across as calm and confident on social media when talking about books, writing, and this launch. You’d have thought that I’d be cool as a cucumber, I’ve sent out ARCs before, it’s all good right?


I am here to tell you that I am absolutely terrified. I am a bundle of nerves right now. Yes I’ve worked hard on these books. Yes they’ve been through quite a few rounds of professional edits. They have stunning covers, and I’ve done everything I can to make sure they’re professional and fit the genre. I should be calm and happy. Instead, I’m bouncing around thinking, “omg omg omg what if they hate it!? What if I missed the genre cues? What if I screwed up and uploaded the wrong draft? Oh My Gods this could be a disaster!!”

Logically, I know this is daft. I keep reminding myself not to fret and worry over things that I can’t change, that only leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. So I’ve put together three Word doc’s with the essentials details for promotions I want to run, put important dates in my calendar, and danced around the flat with a big grin on my face.

When I get stressed, I get organised. So right now I’m trying to channel these nerves into a plan of action. There was something of a disaster with a draft of book 3, Witch Infernal yesterday. Somehow, despite editor and I being very careful, we lost 6,000+ words. They were a bridge that I nearly killed myself writing. We went through 9 copies of the manuscript (I told you we were careful) and they’re gone. So, I need to rewrite those. Fortunately I have notes down in my planning book to help me rewrite it. I also need to finish up the draft of book 4 and get that ready to go over to editor. I need to start writing some more on Branded In Ink (book 1 in my Born Of Ink series).

Of course there’s also freelance work and housework to be done. I’m using Evernote to help me focus and organise my time, to help me calm. The fears are still very present in the back of my mind, but I have backup plans, I am prepared for those potential outcomes. Indie authors need to be adaptable, we have to be able to move quickly.

Why am I telling you guys all of this?

I’m telling you because this is not my debut novel. I’ve been doing this writing and publishing thing for a few years, and I still get these nerves. I still get the anxiety, and flat out terror. It’s ok to feel like this when you publish your book. You have to try and channel it into something positive though. Take a deep breath, and keep moving forward. It’s an amazing, fantastic, experience that I highly recommend you embrace and make the most of. And you know what? If things don’t work out as you’d hoped, that’s ok too. We can learn a lot from our mistakes and our failures. Indie authors are resilient, we’ll bounce back and come back stronger and better.

Yes, I’m terrified, but even if all my fears come true, I will learn from them and use them to become a better author. 

I want to give a special thanks to all of my ARC readers, you’re amazing and I’m so grateful that you offered to take the time to read and review my book for me. Thank you!

If you’re an urban fantasy reader and you’re looking for a new series then check out Infernal Ties book one in my Infernal Hunt series. It’s only 99c!





6 thoughts on “A Writer’s Mind During A Book Launch.

  1. Another great post! I can’t imagine the stress, and I have no doubt that time and experience is not enough to remove that anxiety! Each book is so different, so unique. I imagine that each one brings even more stress as you suddenly have expectations to live up to! It’s what has kept me back from publishing in the past. I’m aiming to not let it hold me back in the future.
    That’s all we can do, right? Not let our fears hold us back from doing what we love!
    I’m starting Infernal Ties tonight and I cannot wait! Thank you for sharing your tales with us ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the big thing is to lower our expectations to remember that it’s a lesson to be learned. It’s really hard! But setting sensible, achievable goals and reminding ourselves that failure is ok too, is important.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A great post offering great insight ❤ I understand completely how you feel, it's not that long ago that I published my book. It's good to know that the terror and the nerves never stop 😛
    I hope you're taking your own advice and are enjoying yourself?

    Liked by 1 person

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