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End Of Week Recap

EndOfWeek Recap


I haven’t done one of these in a while! This week has been a bit mad, but then, really most of my weeks are! 😁

I’ve been very stressed and uptight with the final push to get the first two books in my Infernal Hunt books polished and up on Amazon. I’m very happy to say that the ARCs for book one, Infernal Ties have been sent out – thank you so much to my advanced readers! 😍😍❤

I will admit that there was a lot of cursing and threats to throw my laptop out the window when I was formatting those ARCs. I despise formatting and it was a royal pain in my ass! It took over 20 tries before I finally cracked it. It was absolutely worth it when one of my advanced readers tweeted this! I happy danced for a long time. 😁

Away from Infernal Hunt and that stress and tension, I’ve been developing my INK world. That’s the fantasy kitchen sink world I’ve mentioned, the one where Born Of Ink and Powdered Ink are set. For those who’re new here or who have lost track of my projects, Born Of Ink is Dacian the tattoo magician, and Powdered Ink is the Lara Croft style alchemist.

The INK world is a huge, complex, amazingly fun world. It’s also spawned two more series!! Both of the new ones have male protagonists, both are magical in very different ways. Their stories are completely different and I’m so excited! Oh and I may have added three new coloured pens to my coloured pen collection, which means that my notes on this world are rather wonderful. 😁😁

Some details blurred to avoid spoilers. 

On the reading front I’ve been reading book 2 in the Mercy Thompson series. They’re easy, light reads. The writing pulls me along quite nicely, but the stress has meant that reading is a bit hit and miss at the moment.

The weather’s been very springish. It’s been much cooler than I’d expect for June and so wet! When it rains here it really rains, there’s none of the grey drizzle we had in England. Oh no, it’s a true wall of water, will soak you to the bone within 5 minutes. It’s wonderful, so energising! Still. I’m ready for summer proper now, sunshine and dresses. 😁

On a random note, I made a chili (American style soup, rather than the English Chili Con Carne served over rice) from my very own recipe, and it was so, so, good! It got a big thumbs up from husband 😁

So there we have it! My week has been full of editing, formatting, fretting and worrying, and planning. How’s your week been? 



6 thoughts on “End Of Week Recap

  1. Sounds like a busy week, but a good week! And you deserve lots of praise for Infernal Ties! It’s been a while since I’ve read urban fantasy, but I am hooked to the genre once again now, thanks to you 🙂
    Hope this week is less stressful for you!

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