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Infernal Hunt Tour Of Prague!

IH Tour



I’m bouncing around like a thing possessed because ohmygods ohmygods Infernal Ties goes live on Amazon in just seven days!! In seven days people will have it on their kindles, available to read! So I was thinking about this gorgeous city, and the series, and I thought – I know, I can give you guys a virtual tour of some of the key places in the series!!

I don’t have many good photos of these places, so I’ve embedded them from Google maps. This is spoiler free. I am not telling you why those places are important.


First up we have Old Town Square, with the astronomical clock.


Believe it or not, that right there is a Starbucks. 



I altered the geography a little bit for Kadrix’s alchemical workshop. In Infernal Hunt there’s a Lékárna where that blue door is on the building in the corner. 


This series wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have my favourite place in the city there – the castle complex. This is St. Vitus cathedral. 




This is the tower at Jindrisska.



This looked a little different when I visited in person. It had lots of astrological symbols on the far side, and a mosaic snake where that concrete pillar is. 



Finally, the church at Strossmayerovo náměstí.


If you’d like to explore this stunning city with Evie and co, then you can pick up Infernal Ties for only 99c! I can’t wait to share this series with you! I’m so excited to finally have it out there in the world! Only seven days to go, squee!

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12 thoughts on “Infernal Hunt Tour Of Prague!

  1. This is wonderful. Once my copy downloads, I’m sure I’ll be referring to these places again and again. 🙂 Looking forward to it. You’ve given me an idea to do this myself for my next big release too. Thank heavens for Google Maps!

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