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Not-Review: Infernal Ties

Squee! I can’t tell you how incredibly happy this not-a-review makes me!! Mollie has been my rock through this entire insane 3 months of editing and before. I’m so glad that we bonded over the awesome movie that is Hocus Pocus.

So this is a huge thanks to Mollie for putting in the time and effort to write this not-a-review, and all the support she’s given me during the writing & editing of this series. Thank you twin!! 😍💜

Mollie's Musings

Today’s ‘not-review’ is a special one. I’ve been following the progress of this series for years months and I’m so excited for it finally be released out into the world so everyone can fall in love, *flail* and *squee* the way I have. It’s been extremely hard to keep all of the insider information I’ve gained to myself so as not to spoil it for everyone.

Believe me, the struggle has been real and it’s been hard! You can add super duper secret keeper to the ever growing list of awesome things about me 😀 However now, I can stop *squeeing* in the shadows and bring my love for this series out into the open.

Infernal Ties is the first book in the urban fantasy series, Infernal Hunt, written by the insanely talented, a fellow redhead, my twin, Holly Evans.
infernalties_v1 I met Holly last year on Twitter, not…

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