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Writers Challenge – Opening Chapters.

I didn’t see a nice name for this tag, so it’s been given a very descriptivist title.

How it works:

  • Open your current work in progress.
  • Pick out the first few sentences, of the first three chapters.
  • Post those sentences.
  • Tag people in to do the same.


Name of my current work in progress:

I’m currently working on Infernal Alliances (book 4 in the Infernal Hunt series) and Branded In Ink (Book one in the Born Of Ink series). I’m not sure if the sentences from IA will be spoilery, so I’m sharing the ones from Branded In Ink.

Branded In Ink.

Quick description of the work in progress:

Branded In Ink is book one in my next Urban Fantasy series. It follows Dacian, the ink magician, as he gets pulled into the murky world of a serial killer, while trying to hide his magic from the council.

The sentences:

Chapter One.

The city heaved a great sigh as morning broke. Thick blue-grey clouds hung on the horizon threatening to engulf the city in a few more hours of darkness. The rough stone bit into my hands when I pushed off it preparing to face the day. A niggling need in the back of my mind was gnawing at me with increasing urgency, the desire to be somewhere and do something, but I had no idea what. I spat a few choice curses at the gods as I crossed the rooftop down to the stairs, the sky lit up with a flash of lightning quickly chased by a crack of thunder. They’d given their thoughts on my curses. I spat a few more before I slammed the door on the morning, if they wanted action they were going to have to give me something more than an irritating feeling in the back of my mind.

Chapter Two.

Keirn was down in the main tattoo parlour when I emerged, fresh and calm from my meditations. My mental armour had clicked into place with barely a thought as I started down the stairs. The elf had tied his long white hair back with a metal tie, it only highlighted the electric blue and violet streaks down the sides. His tattoos shimmered slightly under the bright fluorescent light, he’d changed into a sleeveless shirt specifically to show off that hawk that sat proudly on one bicep. The small black bear usually sprawled out on his other forearm but it was hidden somewhere under his clothes that morning. My suspicion rose once more, our tattoos were connected to the ink magic, Keirn’s caginess about the prissy boy was starting to trigger alarm bells.

Chapter Three.

“I’ll be one moment.” I said as politely as I could muster while trying to push Kyra back down. The man didn’t even turn to acknowledge me, he simply nodded. I mentally swatted Kyra on the nose, the black cat hissed at me before she curled up once more. Keirn was hunched over the wooden table glaring at a half-formed sketch. I closed the door behind me and cleared my throat. “Did you know it was a dragon?” I asked.


Now your turn!

Come and share some lines from your current work in progress! I’m leaving this open for people to tag themselves as I’m not entirely sure who’s at what stage with their work in progress. Don’t forget to tag me you join in so I can read!



2 thoughts on “Writers Challenge – Opening Chapters.

  1. These lines are so enticing! After seeing the wonders you’ve woven through Infernal Ties & Infernal Bonds, I can’t wait to delve into a whole other world! I’ll try to get around to this tag because it’s a great opportunity to share!
    Thanks for creating the tag 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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