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Results From The Launch Of Infernal Ties.

urban fantasy book launch results


Infernal Ties book one in my Infernal Hunt series went live on Friday! This is a look at how that launch went. I won’t be giving every detail, but I hope to give you enough to give you some insight. 🙂


Book details.

Genre: Urban Fantasy – specifically strong female protagonist (human).

Length: Novella – 30,000 words.

Series: First book in the Infernal Hunt series.

Price: 99c over the first 48 hours.

Kindle Unlimited: Available to read for free.


Overall feelings.

Really good. I’ll admit that the launch didn’t go quite as I’d hoped, but it did really well and the general reaction to the book is fantastic. Having it out in the wild where people are talking positively about it feels amazing.

Methods used.

I did a long pre-order with Infernal Ties at 99c. I left it at 99c for the first 48 hours after release, then it was put up to $1.99. During the course of the pre-order I was just… me. I shared bits I was excited about, bits I was terrified about, here and on Twitter. In the week counting down to the book going live I shared a virtual tour of Prague, where it’s set. I also shared the first two chapters as the look inside wasn’t yet active.

Book two went up for pre-order at the same time as book one, that’s linked in the back of Infernal Ties. As book three (Witch Infernal) won’t be live until the end of August I kept my promotional budget to $12. I outlined my reasons for that in this post on launching a new series. 

I used two promotional services. One I was familiar with, one I wasn’t. They both went through the vetting process I outline in my post on choosing a promotional service worth your money. Unfortunately the first one, the unfamiliar one, was a dud. I used that one on day one and it was very much a negative return on investment. I won’t be naming either services used.

Outside of the promotional services I tweeted about the sale twice. Once in the morning (Prague time) and once in the evening. I made a few tweets thanking people, but they were purely excitement and genuine overwhelming gratitude rather than promotion. (Seriously, my followers were absolutely amazing, I shed some happy tears I was so overwhelmed by the support!).


The number of pre-orders I garnered were higher than I hoped, which was a fantastic feeling. They were a reasonably steady trickle over the course of the long pre-order process. As it was a slow trickle I started launch day at around about 400,000 sales rank on Amazon.

I topped out at just over 15,000 overall sales rank on day one. I was hoping to do a bit better, but given that all of those sales came from my amazingly fantastic Twitter following, I’m extremely happy. (Thank you you amazing wonderful splendiferous people!!).


Urban fantasy launch rank day one

There were no new pre-orders on book two on day one of the launch, but they weren’t expected. People need time to read the book before they jump in and buy book two.

I’ve remained pretty steadily in the 20 – 30,000 rank on Amazon since. There have been more pages read than sales, but not by a large margin, it’s about 60:40 reads to sales.

What now?

Now I focus on polishing book three, getting the print versions of all three books up and running, and wrap up book four. I’m hoping to get reviews from my advanced readers in over this week, and if all goes well there will be some from new readers too. Once I have the ten reviews I need I’ll book larger promotion sites ready for the launch of book three.

Book two goes live on Friday, so I’ll share the first two chapters of that on Wednesday and Thursday. Then we’ll see how that goes.

Lessons learned.

It’s definitely much harder trying to sell an Urban Fantasy novella than a novel. I did expect this, but I didn’t expect quite the push back that I got. Urban Fantasy is also getting much more competitive very quickly. I knew this was happening, I’ve been watching the market, but I didn’t think it was getting this crowded quite this quickly. I’m hoping book three will be out soon enough to counter this at least a little and help me get my foot in the door.


Thank you everyone for your help, love, and support during this launch! I admit to having cried some happy tears over the amount of support you guys have all given me. This launch was/is so important for so many reasons, and it’s amazing to see your guys help. Thank you.




6 thoughts on “Results From The Launch Of Infernal Ties.

  1. I hope the first week of launch is going well for you. And that pre-launch of Infernal Bonds is picking up! It’s great of you to share your results from the launch.
    Best of luck as always ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😁 I’m definitely happy with how Infernal Ties is going the support you & others have given me is amazing! I’m low on energy for Infernal Bonds though and I feel bad. I love that book, but I’m tired. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It must be hard having two releases follow so closely one behind the other. I hope you find a little more energy after tomorrow.
        And don’t forget to give yourself some rest too! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It does take a while for a new book series to take off, so perhaps you’re being too harsh on yourself ^-^ Give people time to flock to your awesomeness! You’ve done so well already!
    I haven’t even looked at external promotional services -.- I might be in touch later ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve learnt a lot so far 🙂 Neither of the promotions did as well as I’d hoped, but I understand why so I can fix it in the future. I know you’re right, but there’s so much pressure on this release that it’s hard. I’m trying, honest!

      Liked by 1 person

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