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Infernal Bonds Is Live!!

Infernal Bonds urban fantasy


It’s live!! Infernal Bonds is live on Amazon right this very second! It’s free to read on Kindle Unlimited now too 😁😁


Happy flail



I’m so excited to have this book out there in the world!! This is the first full novel in the Infernal Hunt series. It does work as a standalone, so you can start the series here. Don’t take my word for it, read what Faith had to say in her ARC review.

What’s Infernal Bonds about? I hear you cry! Well, where Infernal Ties is about Evie trying to find her kidnapped twin Quin, Infernal Bonds has two hellhounds come into Prague. Not so bad right? I mean hellhounds, they’re awesome! Well, see, this is where it gets interesting. There are two hellhounds. One just wants freedom. The other, well he wants to bring about Hell on Earth. Oh… and he has help.


giphy (7)


No biggie right? You still want to know more though don’t you? I have you covered. This right here gives you a look at the key players in this book.


You know you want to spend some time lost in those beautiful blue eyes… ahem. I mean their world. While they’re trying to save Prague from the Hell issue…

Now that you’re completely hooked and you absolutely need this book in your life, you shouldn’t waste a second longer! Click on the pretty button and grab your copy now! It’s free to read in Kindle Unlimited, because I’m just that good to you 😁


Buy Infernal Ties On Amazon


Thank you again my lovely wonderful people for the fantastically overwhelming love and support with this launch! So much love!!




8 thoughts on “Infernal Bonds Is Live!!

  1. I read book 1 in The Changeling Chronicles (very disappointing) and book 3 in the Serafina Dragon Born series (also disappointing). I just realised I completely forgot WWW Wednesday 😦 I’ll definitely have to do it next week!


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