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End Of Week Recap July 15th.


I realised that I haven’t posted here in a week! I’ve been recovering from the book launches and the insane editing schedule. I’ve slept so much! All of that stress caught up with me and I haven’t been able to do much this last week.

How did the launches go?

Wonderfully thank you! You guys were all so fantastically amazing, thank you so much! An extra big thank to the people who were kind enough to put the time and effort into reviewing my books. I didn’t really promote Infernal Bonds when that went live. Part of that was tiredness, the other part was I’d already done so much with Infernal Ties I didn’t want to drive people mad. Thanks to you fantabulous people I didn’t need to do much! The sell-through from Infernal Ties to Infernal Bonds is bloody wonderful, especially given Infernal Bonds has only been out a week. This makes my little heart sing!!

Now that I have ten reviews on Infernal Ties I’m starting to really plan the launch of Witch Infernal. I don’t have the release date 100% set at this point. My poor editor is ill right now, so while we’re aiming for August 8th it might be put back a little bit. Either way it will go up for pre-order next week!


What have I been reading?

I feel awful, I completely forgot WWW Wednesday! I did manage to read a couple of books this week though. 😁 I read book 1 in Changeling Chronicles and I was disappointed. I have to be honest, I felt like the author had read Ella Summers’ Dragon Born series and used the same beats and basic construction. Unfortunately the Changeling Chronicles book just didn’t pull it off in my opinion. It fell flat.

I read book 3 in the Dragon Born Serafina series because I was then in the mood to return to that series. I was disappointed again! The book was still a bit of fun, I read the series because it’s a nice light popcorn series. That book felt flat and rushed. It was as though the author was ticking a few boxes and nothing more. I’ll still read the next book though because I’m curious to see where she goes with it.

Right now I’m reading book 3 in The Final Formula series and it feels so good to have returned to this series! I love this series, I recommend it to all and sundry. It’s exactly what I hoped for. So happy. 😁


What else is going on?

Sleep! All the sleep! I’m anemic, yet again, so I’m really tired and low on energy. Couple that with the recovery from the stress and I’m sleeping a lot. The weather has been wonderful though! We had a few days of clear blue skies and 90 – 95F (30C ish) weather followed by a few days of big storms and cleansing rain. I love it, this is my ideal summer, the back and forth between those two.

I watched the first four episodes of Penny Dreadful and I’m in love! That show is so much better than I expected (and I had high expectations)!! I’m not watching any more until I’ve done some more reading and writing, but I’m desperate to dive back in and binge watch it. Everything about it is wonderful. The imagery, the acting, the plot, the references back to the classics. So much love!

I’m hoping to start writing a purely for fun project to cleanse my mental palette before I dive back into finishing and tidying book 4 Infernal Alliances. There’s a lot of pressure on that book as it’s the last in the series. That will be published in early November, meaning that the entire quadrilogy will have been published and wrapped up this year. That’s a scary and wonderful feeling. Next year I’ll start Ink Born my tattoo magician series.


I hope you’ve all been well, have a fantastic Friday!


Infernal Ties Urban Fantasy series




6 thoughts on “End Of Week Recap July 15th.

  1. I’m so far behind on reading blog posts, it’s terrible 😛 Glad to hear that things are coming together for the third book! I can’t wait to read it 😀
    Isn’t Penny Dreadful brilliant?? I have yet to watch season 3, partly because I want to hold on to it as it’s the last one! Hope you continue enjoying it 🙂
    Best of luck with Infernal Alliances! That’s amazing to have the whole series published in the span of a few months. I imagine it will be hard to let it go, but at least you’ll have a new world to explore!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s going to be so weird not writing this crew of characters any more. It’s starting to set in that this really is their last book. I’m really exciting to dive into the ink world though 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad to hear everything is going so well! I’m in awe of how much you managed to do in one year, you put my best efforts to shame 😀

    I keep hearing good things about Penny Dreadful! I’ll have to let you know if I watch it 🙂

    I’m always anemic, so I know how you feel. Good to hear you’re getting lots of sleep and plenty of time to recharge! I bet the sunshine is helping 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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