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Teaser Tuesday: Wild Shadows.

TuesdayTeaser Urban Fantasy Snippet


I haven’t done one of these in a while! I wrapped up the first draft of the final book in the Infernal Hunt series on Sunday! Yes it needs a lot of work, but I don’t care, the first draft is done!! This means that I’ve been toying with a purely for fun project to refresh my brain. I’ve titled it Wild Shadows. It won’t ever be edited or published anywhere outside of this blog. (All rights remain mine & I am not giving permission to anyone else to publish it anywhere).

I don’t know how far it’ll go or if the rest of it will even make it onto the blog. This however it the opening. Sharing because I can 😁

This is first draft completely unedited.

My morning had been spent fighting with zombie cats. Some rookie necromancer had decided that it would be easier to start with animals. He was wrong. When James, my boss, said I had to deal with the baby drake in the park I breathed a sigh of relief. I pictured an adorable baby dragon gambolling around the park. It would have been a welcome break from the blood, guts, and indescribable supernatural body fluids. It would have been, if the baby drake didn’t look like a honey badger. A pony-sized honey badger. I quickly found out that its temperament matched. The biggest clue came with it tried to bite my leg off.

The drake’s short muscular legs meant that it was fast, strong, and its stomach and throat were both quite close to the ground. I couldn’t get in close enough to stab it with my trusty sword, every time I tried it whipped around and its long, very sharp teeth snapped closed on the air around me. Those dance and gymnastics lessons had been paying off, my agility was the only thing keeping me alive as I side-stepped away at the last second. Again.

A group of people were beginning to gather on the edges of the park, each with a phone in their hands no doubt uploading the video straight to Facebook or Youtube. James was going to kill me when he saw those. The damn drake wasn’t showing any sign of tiredness, quite the opposite it was beginning to turn its attention to the spectators. I had to end the fight quickly, before it decided that I was boring.

I glanced around to make sure that no one had a clear view of what was going on. The familiar cool magic of the shadows spilled into my hands and put a smile on my face. I wiped it off again as soon as I remembered the risk I was taking. My magic was illegal. Not even a little illegal. If the council got wind of my existence I’d be thrown into the deepest darkest corner of the maximum security magical prison. That was if they didn’t tie me down to a table and experiment on me.

The risk was necessary. I needed to create some sort of advantage over the drake before it started snacking on the innocent people. The shadows slipped from my hands as smooth as silk, an extension of myself. A thrill ran down my spine, it felt so damn good. The shadows wrapped around the drake’s eyes, fortunately they blended into the dense black fur around its predatory amber eyes. It froze when the shadows settled over its eyes removing its sight. I dove in and sank my sword into the base of its neck. The blade slipped through its dense muscle and struck bone. The drake thrashed and yowled out in pain throwing me backwards. My damn sword was stuck in it. It howled and clawed at its eyes.

I ran at it and grabbed onto my sword wrenching it out just before its claws raked down my thigh. Blood blossomed and soaked through my jeans. They were my last good pair too. I slashed at its face before I drove my sword through its eye. It slumped down onto the ground with a great sigh. A cheer went up around me. The people clapped and shouted words that I paid no attention too. The shadows returned to wherever they came from and I hobbled away before people started asking awkward questions.

The mercenary headquarters were only three blocks or so away. I ripped the bottom of my tank top and wrapped it around my thigh hoping that I wouldn’t bleed out before I got there. “That was an interesting trick with the drake. How did you do it?”

His voice sounded like liquid chocolate, it brought a smile to my face despite the situation. I shrugged and tied off the fabric around my leg. “I stabbed it with my sword a bunch of times.”

I looked up as he stepped into my space, all 6’4 of him. He must have been twice as broad as I was, pure lean muscle. It was his golden-green eyes that held me though. I was screwed. The hound, not just any hound, the hound, was asking about my fighting methods. He sat at the head of the magical council and ran all of the supernatural police and security for the entire West coast. My heart stuttered, my mouth went dry. Pulling myself together I smiled as sweetly as I could muster and said, “I have to get patched up. If you’ll excuse me.”

“I could have sworn there was something else. It acted as though something was in its eyes.” He pushed.

I stepped around him and walked in the direction of the headquarters. I had to get out of there. No good came from him being anywhere near me.

“You really shouldn’t be walking with an injury like that. Let me give you a lift.” He said.

Every muscle tensed. He couldn’t have seen. Fuck. I took a long deep breath and kicked myself for being so obvious. “I’m fine thank you.” I said while I continued to walk away.

“I insist.” He said. Was that a hint of a growl to his words?

His large hand settled on my lower back. “I parked just over there.”

I stepped away from him and gave him a smirk. “Personal space issues. After you.” I gestured with my sword. Hound or not I wasn’t about to be pushed around.

He guided me over to a practical black sedan. “I didn’t catch your name.” He said with a smile, his eyes danced. He was enjoying this. Some twisted part of me was too.


** **


It’s not perfect, but I don’t care, but it’s doing my little heart good to write for the sheer glee of it. 😁


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