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Witch Infernal Is Up For Pre-Order!!

99c Pre-order!

Witch Infernal is not only up for pre-order, but it’s only 99c!! The price will go up within 12 hours of it going completely live on Amazon. I’m making the pre-order 99c as something of a thanks to my current readers. Thank you you wonderful fantabulous people!!

The image above is linked to the Amazon site. As with the earlier two books in the series you will be able to read it completely for free with Kindle Unlimited once it goes live. I’m not going to share the blurb here as it does contain spoilers for book two, Infernal Bonds. (If you haven’t read that yet, you can buy it right here: Infernal Bonds ).

I can however tell you that it continues in the fast-paced, action-packed vein of the previous two books that I’m really pleased to say people are quite enjoying! Evie’s such a fun character to write, and her Urban Fantasy version of Prague is so much fun. I’ve wrapped up the first draft of the fourth and final book in this series, so it’s going to be really weird publishing that in November. Anyway! Witch Infernal is only 99c so you should leap on that bargain before it goes up to $2.99 late on August 9th!


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3 thoughts on “Witch Infernal Is Up For Pre-Order!!

  1. I read the blurb on Amazon and it sounds just amazing!! Best of luck with its launch in August! And congrats on wrapping up the first draft of the 4th one.
    It seems like this has been an exciting year for you so far! And will continue to be. I hope it’s also been a rewarding experience 🙂


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