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Amazing Urban Fantasy Ebook Sale!

Urban Fantasy Ebook Sale


Squee! I’m so excited about this sale! I’m excited for two reasons, first, and to be completely honest, foremost, OMG over 50 Urban Fantasy books for only 99c or completely FREE! My poor TBR mountain is going to crumble under the awesomeness.

Secondly, Infernal Bonds is part of this sale! From today, July 28th until July 30th (the day before my birthday 😉 ) it will be only 99c!! That’s right, you read that correctly, Infernal Bonds, with the sinfully sexy Lysander, and the kick-ass Evie, will be only 99c for three whole days!


Free in Kindle Unlimited!
Free in Kindle Unlimited!

Let’s just pause for a moment and take a look at this gorgeous cover shall we? We have Evie, who’s looking a bit grumpy. Well that’s understandable, there’s a blood moon and that means the city, her city, is in chaos. Then, there’s Lysander. 😍

Now we’ll go into the actual proper blurb. 😁

Not only is it a blood moon, but there’s a rare celestial alignment that means the veils between the worlds are much more fragile than usual. That allows chaos to reign over the city for one night. Shades play pranks on tourists, redcaps take advantage and run wild, and two sinfully sexy hellhounds slip through.

The redcaps are easily wrangled, the shades are mildly amusing, but the hellhounds are another thing entirely. They evade capture and remain in the city once the moon sets. Two hounds, with two entirely different agendas. One wants freedom. The other wants to bring about Hell on Earth. And he has help.

How can you resist that, for only 99c!?

You can’t right? Fantastic! So just click through to this shiny link right here and check out Infernal Bonds and all the other fabulous Urban Fantasy that’s on sale. Right now. Right this very second.


buy awesome urban fantasy


I’m going to take this moment to squee as a reader about this sale. There are a few books in there that have caught my eye and I can’t wait to dive in! (My poor TBR mountain!). – the images link to the sale page.



This is a book that I’ve seen around a reasonable amount. This sale was the perfect opportunity to stop umming and aahing and grab it!



I love that cover!! This is a detective style UF which I haven’t read all that much of, I’ve found it harder to pull off. I’m really curious to see if this author manages it. That’s a fantastic thing about this sale, it means I can try new authors and explore a bit more. 😁

This looks like a traditional UF – strong kick-ass female protagonist, lots of demons, and a dash of angst. I’m excited to see how the author deals with the nephilim versus demon thing.

There’s a fantastic range of Urban Fantasy here in this sale! Including some fabulous boxsets, that’s 9+ books for just 99c! How can you resist? Don’t look at your TBR mountain. Just keep your eyes forward, on this gorgeous, shiny sale. Listen to its sweet serenade. You won’t regret it. 😉


buy awesome urban fantasy





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