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I Did It!!

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Earlier this year, February actually, I set a goal. You see I’m turning *whispers* thirty on Sunday. I was, and still am, more than a little bit freaked out by this fact. I felt that I hadn’t done nearly enough with my life and well, I had to reach a milestone. I had to do more.

So I set goal. I decided I was going to publish the first three books in my Urban Fantasy series Infernal Hunt by my birthday. It couldn’t just be published though. Nope. It had to be up and running and selling reasonably well.

giphy (7)

No big deal right?

At that point I had a complete draft of Infernal Bonds, half a draft of Infernal Ties, and a bit of Witch Infernal. Professional edits started in early April. We had three months to do the complete round of edits, on all three books. Two developmental edits and three copy edits, on three books, in three months.

Needless to say this was very much me:

I am calm


The schedule was absolutely insane. I had to do a complete developmental pass in just 48 hours. My poor editor was ill for part of it, we were both pushed to our limits – I was still doing freelance work and all too. I was ready to curl up in a corner and accept defeat a few times.



But you know what, we did it! With the help of my amazing twin Mollie, my dear husband, and my BFF Matty, we only went and bloody did it! I uploaded the polished copy of Witch Infernal to Amazon earlier. I moved the folder into my Published Books section. We’ve done it!!

Happy flail


I’m looking back over what I’ve accomplished over this last year, and you know what, I did good.

In the last year I have:

  • Written five complete books. One is under another name. Three are published. One is currently being edited.
  • Published the first three books in my Infernal Hunt series – which is getting great reviews!
  • Cracked the top 10,000 sales rank on Amazon with an Infernal Hunt book.
  • Hit some financial milestones with Infernal Hunt.

I’m not bragging, I’m just a little bit in awe, I mean… I did that! I fought back the depression that was so bad earlier this year I was seriously contemplating suicide. I made it through the ten year anniversary of escaping my sexually abusive relationship. I battled the overwhelming anxiety.

I did this. I set a goal. I fought with everything I had. I made it through the dark times. And I won!

You know what this means don’t you? You can do it too! If I can pull this off then you absolutely, definitely, 100% can too! Don’t give up. Know that you’re loved. Know that someone out there will love your book, that they need it in their life. You too can win your battles and succeed! I have faith in you!

Thank you, you amazing fantastic, splendiferous people for your unwavering love and support. I wouldn’t have done any of this without you. Thank you so, so, much to my twin Mollie! She is truly a godsend, an absolute inspiration, without her I couldn’t have done this.

If you like Urban Fantasy and you want to check out my Infernal Hunt series then jump on over to Amazon. Click the pretty picture. 
Infernal Hunt Urban Fantasy Series 3 books








5 thoughts on “I Did It!!

  1. Congrats Holly on all these amazing goals! You should be incredibly proud of the stories you’ve published! Evie is such a wonderful character and Infernal Hunt is a fantastic series! You have been an inspiration for me and if I manage to pull off publication this year, I’ll owe a lot of it to your perseverance. So thank you ❤

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