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100+ FREE SFF books!

SFF Freebie Promo


Your TBR mountains are going to hate me, but, I’m sure you’ll forgive when you see what I have for you this weekend.

Over 100 SFF (Sci-Fi and Fantasy) books are completely, one-hundred percent, FREE this weekend!! You read that right. Over one hundred free books for you to grab! I’m so excited about this, my TBR mountain has turned into an entire mountain range at this point, but it’s worth it!

I am one of the participating authors in this event. The first book in my Urban Fantasy series Infernal Hunt is currently free! So this is the perfect opportunity to grab your copy if you’ve been on the fence about trying it.



The Hawke twins are hunters. They keep the supernal community of Prague in line, and they’re good at it. The witches whisper their names when something goes bump in the night, and the lycans tell stories of them to make their cubs behave. When Quin doesn’t come home after what should have been a quick rogue-disposal, Evie begins to worry.

Evelyn Hawke is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing and no one will stop her from getting her twin back. She’ll do whatever it takes, even dive into the supernal world and work with those she despises to find Quin and dig him out of the very large hole he’s got himself into.

Little does she know the far-reaching consequences of her actions.

What people have said about Infernal Ties:

This is what Mollie had to say in her Not-Review:

Holly does an excellent job of making the reader feel the anxiety and stress Evie is experiencing. And it continues throughout the entire book thanks to the expertly crafted first person POV—whatever Evie is going through, the reader is going through it as well. Feeling every kick, punch, stab, and every emotion imaginable.

Holly knows how to craft a thrilling story and draws us into her world of Prague, creating such vivid imagery so that the setting becomes our own. She offers excitement and wonder with every page! – Faith Rivens, in her ARC review of Infernal Ties. 




I am a reader. I adore books. I devour books. And, between you and me, I get a little bit twitchy when my TBR mountain falls below 20 books. So I have already been through and grabbed quite a few books that caught my eye. I can’t wait to dive in and read these wonderful books!

These are a few that really grabbed my attention and got me excited.



I’m not much of a dystopian reader (I really love my Urban Fantasy), but this one caught my interest. I love that cover! The premise has got me wondering how it’ll all play out, so I was more than happy to grab a free copy of this.



It’s been a while since I read the whole magical school concept so we’ll see how this one plays with it. The cover has a fantastic brooding quality to it that really caught my eye.



I want to read some more steampunk, and there’s an alchemist, how could I resist!?





That cover! That title! Do I really need to say any more?




This sounds like a good old fashioned bit of fun! It has all the makings of an action-packed thrill-ride.


There’s something for everyone in this free book bonanza! There’s Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Dystopian, Sci-Fi & Fantasy romances, and boxsets! Don’t waste any more time, jump on over and fill up your kindles with this fantastic selection of completely free books!









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    1. It’s a case of who you know, to be honest. If you click through to that link you’ll see a ‘for authors’ or something like that link at the top, you can sign up to be notified about the next one. The other was a Facebook group I stumbled across 🙂


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