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Update August 13th.

Update urban fantasy author


I’ve been very quiet around here for a little while, so I’m dropping by to give a quick update on the state of things in Evans Towers.

We currently have the mother-in-law staying with us and I’m pleased to say that the visit is going well. That does however mean that I’m completely exhausted – I don’t sleep well at the best of times, having someone crashing on my couch makes that so much worse.

I have around about seven days to wrap up my edits on Infernal Alliances (the 4th and final book in my Infernal Hunt series). I think I need to add around about 15k to the draft. It’s already as long as Witch Infernal so it’ll definitely be the longest book in the quadrilogy. There’s so much pressure there! It’s the final book in the series so I have to wrap up all of these threads and make sure it’s worthy as the end of the series. That being said, I do have more books loosely plotted should enough readers decide that they really, really, need more books with these characters. I don’t expect it to happen, but I am prepared if it does.

I’ve been pottering about with a fun project I simply refer to as Saoirse and Connor, another Urban Fantasy that’s unlikely to ever be published. It’s purely for me, but I will post snippets on Twitter.

The tail (period of time after a promotion where the number of sales/reads is higher than average) is still going quite nicely after the free promotion I did on Infernal Ties last weekend! I’m absolutely ecstatic with the results from that!

On the non writing/publishing front I’ve been reading the books I picked up for free from the promo I was part of. Thus far they’ve all been great! There was a Steampunk one that I wasn’t hugely impressed with but I concluded that was me not being too keen on the YA Steampunk sub-genre, rather than the book itself. I’ll be making a post with my book recommendations probably late next week.

We were told that Prague is the place to see the Perseids in Europe – so of course we had thick cloud cover and couldn’t see them!!

Oh and I petted a puma, a lion, and a leopard! There were no barriers, nothing. Just me, the keeper, and the cats. They were so completely chilled it was an incredible experience.

In summary – I’m exhausted, panicky about the edits on book 4 (enough to be swearing about it on Twitter), reading some good books, and squee I petted big cats!

I hope you’re all well. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Update August 13th.

  1. Looking forward to snippets on twitter. I love when writers do that. You petted the puddy cats?! So cool!

    Congrats on nearly wrapping up your book series and I look forward to your book recs. I haven’t got round to reading mine yet!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life, Holly! Best of luck getting through with the edits for Infernal Alliances. I know I could keep reading about your characters, but I’ll take whatever I get 🙂
    That sounds like such an amazing experience! Those creatures must have been beautiful to see up close.
    I hope you’re doing well my dear and taking care of you as you work through your projects! Wishing you the best always ❤

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