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The Tail From A Free Promo.



On the weekend of August 6th – 7th Infernal Ties was free, along with 130+ other books. I joined the authors of the other books in a large group promotion of all of our books. You can read the results and lessons from that here.

In the spirit of helping my fellow indies and sharing insights from my adventures this is looking at the tail from that promotion. I will not be giving exact figures but more a general feel. This is in no way intended as bragging or anything else, I really just want to help out my fellow indies where I can. ☺

Oh and just a quick warning – there are lots of images in this post.

Before we go any further:

The tail is the period of higher than average sales and reads after a promotion. It can be a blip of 36 hours or run for over a month. 

The tail usually comes from sales and reads on books later in the series, this is why I strongly recommend that authors don’t run a free promo until they have a minimum of three related books out. That then means that people can pick up book one at no risk, then they might go “hey, this series looks awesome, I’ll grab books two and three too!”

I’m really happy with how the free promo went, particularly given I didn’t put any money into it. These are the ranks I achieved on the free charts over the weekend.


top 100 free werewolves




Those rankings came from 1709 downloads over the two days, with a good two thirds of those downloads being on Saturday.

I didn’t really keep a close eye on the ranking once the free promo was done, so the images were taken at slightly random intervals. This graph shows the rise in both sales (the red) and pages read (the blue) over the course of the free promo. (I use book report which is why my graph looks different to the usual KDP dashboard graph).

Graph Aug5th Aug8th


This is what the ranks looked like over the course of the following week (snapshots taken when I remembered to go and look). I didn’t have the patience to wait more than a week! 😁

Rank Aug 12th


Rank Aug 14th


One Week Tail


I did no other promotion through or after the free weekend. I put a link to Infernal Ties at the bottom of my blog posts that I’ve written since then, but that’s been it. I haven’t mentioned my books on Twitter outside the free weekend, I don’t really use Google+ or Facebook. This tail is entirely organic. It really is just my having reached a lot of people thanks to a fantastic promo (thanks to everyone involved!).

My daily income has about doubled since the free promo, which is fantastic! I’m over the moon 😁 I won’t deny that I’m a bit anxious about the fact that over 1700 people now have a copy of my book on their kindle but it’s for the greater good!

So what’s the point here? The point here is that running a free promo on book one of your series, (assuming that you have a professional genre-appropriate cover, an enticing blurb, and a well-edited sample), can be an absolutely fantastic way to reach new readers and boost your overall sales. As you can see from the graphs I had a nice number of people buying both book two (Infernal Bonds) and book three (Witch Infernal) when they grabbed their free copy of Infernal Ties.

I know that a lot of authors hate the idea of making a book free, they believe that it lowers the overall value of the book and discourages readers from paying for future books. These graphs, this tail, shows that’s not true at all. I’ve been talking to my mother-in-law who picked up quite a few books from the free promo and she’s planning on buying no fewer than five sequels this week.

Making your book free takes away any risk and encourages the reader to try something new. I jumped on this promo as a reader and found a few new authors that I thoroughly enjoyed and will look out for more from. I was far, far, less picky about genre and didn’t even glance at the reviews when I picked up those free books. I chose books that I wouldn’t have even considered before, and now I’ll be recommending those books to you guys, which is a great thing for those authors.

All in all, the tail from that free promo is still going strongly (woohoo!) and making book one in your series free is a fantastic marketing move. 


It has now been three weeks since that free promotion on Infernal Ties. I have done no further promotion outside of a link at the bottom of a couple of blog posts. I haven’t mentioned the books on Twitter (I’ve been focused on my fun project), or anywhere else. This tail is purely from the free promotion I did on Infernal Ties.

This is the graph taken today (August 28th). It looks a bit different to the usual KDP graph because I use Bookreport, that makes my life so much easier! (Click the image to see it full size if you want).

Three Week Tail on free promotion indie urban fantasy author

The graph starts on August 5th which is the day before the free promotion on Infernal Ties.

The blue line is the loans/KDP pages read, and the red is the sales. As you can see the reads are the majority of my earnings but the sales haven’t been doing badly either. Those come from all three books in the series, for the first couple of days it was mostly people buying and reading Infernal Bonds and Witch Infernal, but now it’s settled across all three books.

I’m absolutely over the moon. I really couldn’t be happier, thank you guys. 🙂

This further demonstrates my point that making your book free when you have more books out in the series, is a fantastic marketing tool.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about you can find book one in my Urban Fantasy series Infernal Hunt right here on Amazon. (click the image to go to Amazon).

Infernal Ties Signature Blurb





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  1. First, congratulations to you on such amazing results from your free promo! It’s so exciting to think that your story has reached that many people! And thank you again for taking the time to share your insight!

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