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August Book Recommendations.

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Between the mother in law’s visit, and the fantastic book promotions I’ve been a part of recently, I’ve got a bit of reading done! I even stepped outside of Urban Fantasy a bit. These are the books I’ve read recently and recommend to you guys. All opinions are entirely my own, these are books that I picked up of my own accord, read, and enjoyed enough to recommend to you. 😁


First up is Panacea by F. Paul Wilson.



I picked this one up after Seanan McGuire (author of the Toby Daye & Incryptid series, my auto-buy author) recommended it on Twitter. This is part of a rather specific sub-genre that I used to adore a few years back. It’s along the lines of Tom Knox and Dan Brown. There are two rival factions, a highly religious group, and an old pagan group. The pagan group has a very special supernatural thingamajigga and the highly religious group want to end the entire pagan group and remove the existence of the thingamajigga. As I said, it’s very specific which means it can quickly become formulaic (which is why I stopped reading, I felt like Knox was just writing by numbers).

So for me, this book was reasonably predictable. I knew what was coming, because I know the genre. That being said, I definitely still enjoyed it. I liked the characters, I felt like they were interesting and real people, with real motivations and such. The plot itself was logical and well-paced. It pulled me along and was a pleasant return to the genre, enough so that I may dig out a couple more from it.


I picked up Alan Lennox And The Temp Job Of Doom from the big free promo Infernal Ties was part of.

alanlennox temp job of doom sci fi

I admit that I picked this book up because of that title, and that cover. I mean, have you seen them!? How could I resist?

With a title like that I was expecting something reasonably light and maybe a bit comedic. There was definitely a hint of that, but not quite as much as I expected. Still! The characters were interesting, and the story kept pulling me along. It was a fun mystery that I wanted to see what came next with. The overall premise is very definitely familiar, but the execution is plenty fun enough for me to enjoy it.


Evangeline And The Alchemist is another one that I picked up from the big free promo.



This is a YA steampunk, and I don’t usually read either YA or steampunk. It’s worth keeping that in mind when considering my thoughts.

This wasn’t a book for me, but I’m recommending it because I think people who do enjoy YA and steampunk may well enjoy it. I found the pacing to be a bit iffy, and the protagonist bugged me, but I suspect they’re just part of the genre/s. The overall premise and world seemed to be quite interesting, I didn’t get to see too much of it as it’s a novella. So, if you’re looking for a YA steampunk you may well enjoy this. 🙂


I have some ninety books on my TBR mountain, plus a shiny new Kindle Unlimited subscription, so hopefully there’ll be a few more of these book recommendation posts soon!




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